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Join the Department of English & Comparative Literature for a Celebration of 225 years of Rhetoric, Writing, Film and Literature at Carolina!

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Timeline of 225 Years of Rhetoric, Writing, Film and Literature at Carolina

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Meet Our Alumni

Executive Vice President, Able Global Partners and Contributing Editor,

“English majors develop skill in writing and speaking – two critical skills for effective management. After completing a Master’s in English literature at UNC, I went on to various management positions. The skills of effective writing, analysis and critical thinking are absolutely essential when helping organizations raise funds or set a clear strategy.”

Master’s in Literature, Medicine, and Culture from UNC

“Thanks to my studies [in English and Comparative Literature], I feel well prepared to be a physician who can listen well to his patients and be sensitive to how to best meet their needs.”

Physician in Family Medicine

“While basic science courses are important, on a day-to-day basis, I was far more prepared for the art of medicine by my non-science courses. In particular, English, Creative Writing, and Comparative Literature courses helped me learn how to think critically about concepts like illness, disability and mortality– a daily affair in medicine.”

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ECL student Latonya Dalton.

Student Spotlight: Latonya Dalton

As we continue to highlight the wide array of students in the DOECL, we’re turning our attention to non-traditional student Latonya Dalton,

Thomas Wolfe Scholar Luisa Peñaflor.

Luisa Peñaflor wins Thomas Wolfe Scholarship

Congratulations to Peñaflor on being awarded the Thomas Wolfe Scholarship for her literary promise!

Four ECL Majors to be Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

Seven ECL Majors to be Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

Congratulations to Megan Anderson Busbice, Michaela Faith Campbell, Emily Lauren Clemente, Katie Margaret Leonard, Jamie Marie Lukow, Lucas Kennedy, and Li-Anne W Wright on being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

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