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Executive Vice President, Able Global Partners and Contributing Editor,

“English majors develop skill in writing and speaking – two critical skills for effective management. After completing a Master’s in English literature at UNC, I went on to various management positions. The skills of effective writing, analysis and critical thinking are absolutely essential when helping organizations raise funds or set a clear strategy.”

Master’s in Literature, Medicine, and Culture from UNC

“Thanks to my studies [in English and Comparative Literature], I feel well prepared to be a physician who can listen well to his patients and be sensitive to how to best meet their needs.”

Physician in Family Medicine

“While basic science courses are important, on a day-to-day basis, I was far more prepared for the art of medicine by my non-science courses. In particular, English, Creative Writing, and Comparative Literature courses helped me learn how to think critically about concepts like illness, disability and mortality– a daily affair in medicine.”

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emily sferra

Graduate Student Spotlight: Emily Sferra

Meet Emily Sferra! Emily is an ECL PhD student researching female friendships in 19th century British novels.

New Faculty Publication: Video Scholarship and Screen Composing

Dan Anderson’s new project, Video Scholarship and Screen Composing, takes up digital composing with a deliberate emphasis on bringing the expectations associated with print.

Photo of Kym Weed, taken by Sarah Boyd

Featured Faculty: Kym Weed

Get to know the DOECL’s Professor Kym Weed!

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