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If John Lennon, Gertrude Stein, Stephen Hawking, and Mother Goose had conspired to teach a course in grammar GRAM-O-RAMA would be it. This is not your grandma’s grammar class. Creative students who love word play, music, rhythm, sketch comedy, performance, nonsense, and the circusy possibilities of language write exercises to specific prompts from Daphne Athas’s maverick text and learn the joys of breaking the rules of grammar to understand why we have them.

Our webiste is and the page where students and curious readers can access our archive of video performances and mini grammar lessons is:

The Daphne Athas Fund supports the teaching of Gramorama in hiring visiting drama coaches and videographer to tape performances. Contributions may be made this way: just go to

Click on “search for a specific fund” and then search for 104380 and you will be taken to the proper fund.