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Please see the UNC Course Catalog and Connect Carolina for course descriptions; descriptions may vary by section. All the courses offered in ENGL and CMPL for the coming semester as well as up-to-the-moment seat availability can also be found at

English & Comparative Literature Courses

Spring 2024 Undergraduate

Fall 2023 Undergraduate


Mentored Research and Directed Readings application

For guidance on filling out the OCLM and an explanation of workflow, please click here

**Students who wish to complete ENGL495: Mentored Research (formerly Independent Study) or ENGL396: Directed Readings must receive approval from a faculty member. Once a faculty member agrees to direct your class, please initiate an Online Learning Contract using the application linked above. Once you complete the form, it will be sent to the faculty member for approval. Once the faculty member completes their portion of the form, it will go the Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval, then finally to the departmental registrar to schedule the class with the instructor and enroll you. Please make sure that you are not registered for more than 15 credits by the time your instructor approves the form, or your enrollment will be delayed.

Senior Honors Thesis Application

For Internship information, please click here