Want to explore the world without leaving campus? Let literature be your tour guide as your imagination travels to far-away places, discovering new cultures and ideas. This concentration can take you anywhere!

Download Comparative & World Literatures Concentration Handout

Concentration Requirements

Complete THE CORE


  • Choose either: CMPL 250 or CMPL 251
  • Choose 1 to 3 international literature courses taught in any foreign language department (200-level or higher)
  • Choose 3 to 5 from: any courses in CMPL (142 or above) (excluding first-year seminars)

Among these 10 required courses:

  • 2 must be at 300-level (writing-intensive)
  • 1 must be at 400-level (research-intensive)
  • At least 3 more must be at/above 200-level



Career Spotlight

Eric Propst

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“The close study of character, conflict, passions, motives, self-deception, and self-reflection in the world’s great literature is as foundational to a career as a psychotherapist as the study of anatomy is to a surgeon or scales are to a composer.”