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Interested in medical school or a career in the health sciences? This concentration helps prepare students in understanding and creating innovative pathways in healthcare research and treatment in the twenty-first century.

Click Here for the Fall 2018 Concentration Requirements

Concentration Requirements

Complete THE CORE


Choose 4 from:

CMPL 383
ENGL 264
ENGL 266
ENGL 268
ENGL 269
ENGL 300
ENGL 370
ENGL 610
ENGL 611
*ENGL 690*
AAAD 300
ANTH 147
ANTH 270
ANTH 319
ANTH 442
ANTH 443
ANTH 444
ANTH 470
ANTH 473
ANTH 474
GEOG 222
HIST 329
HNRS 650
MEJO 560
PLCY 361
PLCY 565
PLCY 570
RELI 665
SOCI 422
SOCI 431

Choose 3 from: any courses in ENGL and/or CMPL (excluding first-year seminars)

Among these 10 required courses:



Career Spotlight

Allison Cummings, MD

Physician in Family Medicine, Class 2012

“While basic science courses are important, on a day-to-day basis, I was far more prepared for the art of medicine by my non-science courses. In particular, English, Creative Writing, and Comparative Literature courses helped me learn how to think critically about concepts like illness, disability and mortality– a daily affair in medicine.”