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ECL Internship Program

Information for Potential Partners

The Department of English & Comparative Literature offers its majors the opportunity to receive course credit for an internship they complete over the summer or during an academic semester. The department offers a variety of concentrations, each of which equips ECL majors with invaluable writing, oral communication, and research skills. As interns, ECL majors seek to apply these skills in professional settings and explore possible careers. Recent graduates have gone on to become not only novelists, poets, and educators, but also editors, film directors, attorneys, and public policy makers.   

The ECL Internship Program seeks to partner with businesses and organizations looking for strong writers and perceptive thinkers. Non-profits, educational organizations, law firms, magazines, publishing companies, technology companies, marketing firms, consulting firms—and many other areas of professional expertise—can benefit from the skills and talents an ECL major can offer.

Employers who are interested in hiring interns with a background in literature, media, and writing may apply to partner with the ECL Internship Program. Partners may offer internships that are either paid or unpaid. Interns receiving course credit will work for 100 hours or more, and no more than 9 hours per week, over the course of a summer or a semester.

How do I become an ECL Internship Program Partner?

The ECL Internship Program aims to offer students the opportunity to gain off-campus work experience relevant to their major. Businesses and organizations seeking interns during the academic year must be located within a reasonable distance from campus.

Qualifying businesses and organizations may submit a Partnership Proposal Form by email to the Internship Program Coordinator for review.

Businesses and organizations that will not compensate their interns must comply with the Department of Labor’s requirements for internship programs under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

If the Partnership Proposal is accepted, Partners will need to identify an Internship Liaison who will supervise the student throughout his or her internship and verify the completion of 100 or more hours of satisfactory work at the end of the internship.

Please see the Internships page for more information about the program.

Who should I contact to learn more about the ECL Internship Program?

Dr. Hilary Lithgow is the current Internship Program Coordinator. To discuss potential partnerships, please contact her at