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While it’s now possible to major in English and Comparative Literature (ECL) with a concentration in Creative Writing, the minor- which has been offered for almost fifty years- remains intact and unchanged. Students wishing to minor in Creative Writing do not have to major in ECL. We welcome all disciplines!

The minor requires 15 hours (a total of five courses) and may be earned by following one of the tracks below. Please visit the minor’s requirements page in the catalog for more detailed information about how to progress successfully through the program. It is important to note that writing classes offered by the UNC Friday Center for Continuing Education (correspondence, independent study, online) do not count toward the minor.

Please visit the UNC Catalog for descriptions of every ECL Course potentially offered by the department and check ConnectCarolina for the most up-to-date offerings.

Choose a Track

ENGL 130 or 132H
ENGL 206
ENGL 406
ENGL 693H & 694H
ENGL 131 or 133H
ENGL 207
ENGL 407
ENGL 693H & 694H
ENGL 138
ENGL 208
ENGL 404
ENGL 693H & 694H
choose 5 from:
ENGL 306
ENGL 408
ENGL 409
ENGL 490 (in relevant topic)
MUSC 166
MUSC 381
DRAM 231
DRAM 292
Choose 5 from the fiction, poetry, nonfiction, or musical theatre options,
or a combination of courses from those options and
ENGL 307
ENGL 309
COMM 330
COMM 433
MEJO 356