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Interested in law, public policy, advocacy, or community organizing? This concentration helps students build a strong cultural foundation to inform social justice work. Learn how and why writing can change the world.

Click here to download concentration handout

Concentration Requirements

Complete THE CORE


Choose 4 from the courses below:

CMPL 180
CMPL 258
CMPL 261
CMPL 262
CMPL 270
CMPL 359
CMPL 442
ENGL 129
ENGL 140
ENGL 158
ENGL 164
ENGL 240
ENGL 248
ENGL 263
ENGL 265
ENGL 267
ENGL 267
ENGL 269
ENGL 270
ENGL 271
ENGL 289
PLCY 354
ENGL 359
ENGL 360
ENGL 361
ENGL 363
ENGL 365
ENGL 367
ENGL 368
ENGL 369
ENGL 370
ENGL 371
ENGL 385
ENGL 386
ENGL 403
ENGL 472
ENGL 488
ENGL 659
ENGL 665
ENGL 666
ENGL 685
ENGL 670

Choose 3 from: any courses in ENGL and/or CMPL (excluding first-year seminars)

Among these 10 required courses:

  • 2 must be at 300-level (writing-intensive)
  • 1 must be at 400-level (research-intensive)
  • at least 3 more must be at/above 200-level



Teaching Innovation Spotlight

Click on the video below to see students from Dr. Danielle Christmas’ English 367: “The God(s) of Slavery: Religious Experience in Early African-American Literature,” class deliver sermons on the subject of slavery by inhabiting the character of a nineteenth-century preacher.

Career Spotlight

Andrew Edmonson

Membership Manager, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, Class 1989

“My passion for the last twenty-five years has been to fight for the civil rights of LGBT Americans as an LGBT activist. In this role, I have written op eds for media outlets, managed media relations for direct action social justice organizations, and served as spokesperson for LGBT causes. All of my activism is based on what I learned as an English major: how to make a compelling case, anticipate objections, and craft compelling rebuttals.”