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Interested in professional writing, editing, or publishing? This concentration helps students investigate how effective communication today ranges from producing written texts to composing for a range of media and professions. With a WEDP concentration, you will also learn theories of rhetoric, or the art of effective communication, develop awareness of the history of writing practices across time, and hone your writing skills in a variety of genres and subject matter areas. Students choosing this concentration can pursue interests in games studies, digital media, technical communication, and more.

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Career Spotlight

Joanna Pearson

Psychiatrist, Poet, and YA Author, Class 2002

“Whereas in many of my other classes, I learned facts or theories or mechanisms of action, in my English classes, I learned how to think analytically and articulate my ideas. I also thought a lot about character—what people want, what motivates them, why they do what they do, their backstory—and language as a tool, both of which have turned out to be awfully relevant now to me as a psychiatrist.”