Interested in professional writing, editing, digital literacy, or publishing? This concentration helps students investigate how communication today moves beyond written texts to composing for a range of media.

Download Writing, Editing, and Digital Production Concentration Handout

Concentration Requirements

Complete THE CORE


Choose 1* from:

ENGL 300
ENGL 301
ENGL 302
ENGL 303
ENGL 304
ENGL 305
ENGL 318

Choose 4 from WEDP Electives:

CMPL 250
CMPL 251
ENGL 127
ENGL 130
ENGL 131
ENGL 132H or ENGL 133H
ENGL 137
ENGL 149
ENGL 150
ENGL 283
ENGL 300
ENGL 301
ENGL 302
ENGL 303
ENGL 304
ENGL 305
ENGL 307
ENGL 313
ENGL 314
ENGL 315
ENGL 316
ENGL 317
ENGL 400
ENGL 402
ENGL 492
ENGL 674
ENGL 675
ENGL 676
AMST 475
BUSI 401
COMM 113
COMM 350
COMM 432
COMM 131
DRAM 131
DRAM 231
MEJO 153
WGST 695

Choose 2 from:

       Any courses in ENGL and/or CMPL (excluding first-year seminars)

*Students may substitute a course from this list for the depth requirement from the core. Students
would then need to select a second course from this list to fulfill the requirement for the concentration

Among these 10 required courses:

  • 2 must be at 300-level (writing-intensive)
  • 1 must be at 400-level (research-intensive)
  • At least 3 more must be at/above 200-level
  • No more than 2 can be outside ENGL/CMPL



Career Spotlight

Joanna Pearson

Psychiatrist, Poet, and YA Author, Class 2002

“Whereas in many of my other classes, I learned facts or theories or mechanisms of action, in my English classes, I learned how to think analytically and articulate my ideas. I also thought a lot about character—what people want, what motivates them, why they do what they do, their backstory—and language as a tool, both of which have turned out to be awfully relevant now to me as a psychiatrist.”