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Faculty Administration

Mary Floyd-Wilson

Department Chair

Photo of Mary Floyd Wilson, taken by Sarah Boyd
Email   |   (919) 962-5481
Office: Greenlaw 209

Florence Dore

Director of Graduate Studies

Photo of Florence Dore, taken by Sarah Boyd
Office: Greenlaw 205

Matthew Taylor

Director of Graduate Admissions

Photo of Matthew Taylor, taken by Sarah Boyd
Email   |   (919) 962-3395
Office: Greenlaw 532

Kimberly J. Stern

Co-Director of Graduate Placement

Photo of Kimberly Stern, taken by Sarah Boyd
Office: Greenlaw Hall 513

Gregory Flaxman

Co-Director of Graduate Placement

Photo of Gregory Flaxman
Email   |   (919) 962-4043
Office: 508 Greenlaw Hall

Jennifer Larson

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Photo of Jennifer Larson, taken by Sarah Boyd
Office: Greenlaw 229

Daniel Anderson

Director of the Writing Program and Digital Innovation Lab

Photo of Dan Anderson, taken by Sarah Boyd
Office: Greenlaw 533

Candace Epps-Robertson

Associate Director of the Writing Program

Photo of Candace Epps-Robertson, taken by Sarah Boyd
Email   |   (919) 962-8765
Office: Greenlaw 425

Daniel Hayes Wallace

Director of Creative Writing

Photo of Daniel Wallace, taken by Sarah Boyd
Office: Greenlaw 520

Liz Gualtieri-Reed

Event Coordinator

Photo of Liz Gualtieri-Reed, taken by Sarah Boyd
Office: Dey 336

María DeGuzmán

Latina/o Studies Director

Photo of Prof. Maria DeGuzman, taken by Sarah Boyd
Office: Greenlaw 429

Courtney Rivard

Director of Digital Literacy and Communications Lab

Photo of Courtney Rivard, taken by Sarah Boyd
Office: Greenlaw 315

Rick Warner

Global Cinema Director

Photo of Rick Warner, taken by Sarah Boyd
Office: Greenlaw 439


Jennifer Washington

Business Officer

Email | 919-962-5483
Greenlaw 210
Office Hours:

Educational Experience:
Project Management Certificate – UNC Wilmington-2012
M.A. Management and Leadership- Webster University-2011
B.A. History- UNC Wilmington-2008
US Navy- 2003-2007
Job Duties:
Oversees the Department of English and Comparative Literature as the Business Officer. Directs the fiscal & personnel management including hiring, recruitment, human resources, scheduling, budgeting, fiscal & project management as well as day to day functions for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Cheryl Siler-Jones

Business Services Coordinator

Email | 919-962-6248
Greenlaw 208
Office Hours: M-F, 8:15am-5:00pm

Assists Business Officer with all matters and helps direct hiring, recruitment, human resources, scheduling, as well as day to day functions for the Department. Supervises the Business Unit’s Student Services Team (consisting of Graduate Student Services Manager, Writing Program Coordinator, Departmental Registrar/Undergraduate Students Services Manager and Creative Writing Coordinator). Organizes recruitment, hiring and payroll efforts for assigned permanent and temporary position types within the business unit Handles hiring and payroll for SHRA & EHRA Students. Serves as TIM Administrator and I-9 Representative.

Corban Davis

Executive Associate & Event Planner

Photo of Corban Davis, taken by Emily Youree
Email | Greenlaw 202

Office Hours: M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm

Executive Assistant for the Chair of English & Comparative Literature and the Events Coordinator for the Department and Southern Futures. Duties include performing and consulting on scheduling, planning guidelines for new events, events coordination, budgeting, project management, and communications.

Nelly Whitney

Office Manager

Email | 919-962-2312
Greenlaw Hall 204
Office Hours: M-F, 7:30am-4:30pm

Oversees front office operations, manages Work Study students, as well as, assists Business Officer with building management, project management and various day-today functions of the Department.

Robin Samuels


Email | 919-843-9676
Greenlaw 207B
Office Hours: M–Th, 8:00am-6:30pm

Oversees reimbursements (research, travel, & recruitment), coordinates travel & events, accounting & budgeting for the Department.

Linda Horne

Accounting Associate

Email | 919-962-1055
Greenlaw 202
Office Hours: Tu-F, 7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Prepare and process travel, receipt reimbursements for students and faculty. Advise faculty of accounting regulations and maintain files to track claims. Work with co-workers to ensure all travel and award payments are received and processed. Review, obtain necessary approvals to submit faculty Arts & Sciences Travel requests. Process the receipt and deposit of all incoming checks to appropriate offices.

Taylor Brunson

Graduate Student Services Manager

Email | 919-962-1454
Greenlaw 207-A
Office Hours: M-F, 8:15am-5:00pm (by appointment on Fridays)

Serves as 1st point of contact for Graduate Program. Maintains Graduate Database. Handles all Fellowships and Awards. Enroll eligible students in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GShip). Processes Waiver of Hours forms. Processes tuition remissions. Process Admissions and Degree Applications. Process employment/payroll actions and tuition payments for all eligible graduate students who teach or serve in year-long research assistant positions. Handles all ePar processing for hiring, SWB and RWB of TF’s, TA’s, and RA’s. Works with Program Coordinator, Supervisor and Business Officer to coordinator information needed to communicate during Orientation to all new and returning Grad Students

Erin Kalbarczyk

Coordinator for the Writing Program; Literature, Medicine, and Culture MA Program; and Latino/a Studies Minor Program

Email | 919-962-6871
Greenlaw 203
Office Hours: M-F, 8:15am-5:00pm

Coordinate the Teaching Fellow assignment process for ENGL 105 and 105i each academic term, manage the Writing Program listserv, assist with the LMC graduate program and the Latino/a Studies Undergraduate Minor program.


Departmental Registrar and Undergraduate Student Services Manager

| 919-962-2312
Greenlaw 200
Office Hours:

Responsible for classroom scheduling and course assignments for all undergraduate and graduate courses in both the Department of American Studies and the Department of English and Comparative Literature, registering students after the enrollment period has ended, and assist in course proposals.


Creative Writing and Honors Program Coordinator

| 919-962-4000
203 Greenlaw
Office Hours:

Serves as the Creative Writing Program and Honors Program Coordinator for the English and Comparative Literature Department.