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Photo of Dan Anderson, taken by Sarah Boyd

Professor / Director of Writing Program

1997 Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin. (English)

1990 B.A., University of New Mexico. (English)




Daniel Anderson is Director of the Carolina Digital Humanities as well as the Director of the Digital Innovation Lab at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He studies digital rhetoric, teaching with technology, and alternative approaches to scholarship. His books on teaching include Connections: A Guide to Online Writing, Writing About Literature in the Media Age, and Beyond Words: Reading and Writing in a Digital Age. He also creates new media performance art and scholarship using the computer screen as a composing space.

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  • Anderson D. Forthcoming and under contract. Screen rhetoric and the material world. Ann Arbor (MI): University of Michigan Press.
  • Anderson D and Sayers J. 2015. The metaphor and materiality of layers. In Hart-Davidson B and Ridolfo J, editors. Rhetoric and the digital humanities. Chicago (IL): University of Chicago Press. p. 80-95.
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Teaching Awards

  • Friday Center Award for Teaching Excellence, 2013
  • Chapman Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2003


  • Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative (2012-2017, $1.39 million); Selected as Co-PI, January 2015
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication Technology Innovator Award, 2014
  • Carolina Parents Council Grant (one year, $1,800), 2014.
  • UM Press/Sweetland Publication Prize in Digital Rhetoric (advance publishing contract, $5,000), 2013.
  • Friday Center Award for Teaching Excellence, 2013.
  • Institute for the Arts and Humanities Digital Innovations Grant (three years, $50,000), 2012.
  • Carolina Parents Council Grant (one year, $5,100), 2011.
  • Lenovo Instructional Innovation Grant (one year, $10,000), 2009.
  • Carolina Entrepreneurial Initiative Course Development Grant (one year, $5,000), 2009.
  • Abbey Fellowship for Undergraduate Advising (three years, $24,000), 2006-09.
  • Hamilton Multimedia Instruction Fellowship (one year, $19,000), 2007.
  • CCCC Research Initiative Grant (one year, $5,000), 2004
  • University Research Council Grant (two years, $1,300), 2003.
  • IBM Enhancing the Use of Instructional Technology in a Course or Curriculum Grant (one year, $2,500), 2002.
  • Chapman Family Faculty Fellowship (one year, $19,000), 2002.
  • Junior Faculty Development Award (one year, $5,000), 2002.
  • IBM Applying Advanced or Emergent Technologies Grant (one year, $5,500), 2001.
  • Winner, McGraw Hill Technology Product Design Competition, 2000.
  • IBM General College Curriculum Technology Enhancement Grant (one year, $2,500), 2000.
  • Classroom Equipment and Technology Upgrade for Maximizing First Year Seminars Grant (one year, $22,746), 2000.
  • CCI/ATN Wireless Integration Grant (two years, $40,000), 1999.
  • IBM Curricular Innovation Grant (one year, $12,028), 1999.
  • Distance Education Development Grant (one year, $12,800), 1999.
  • University Research Council Grant (two years, $1,000), 1998.
  • John T. Lupton Opportunities Fund Teaching Grant (one year, $4,800), 1998.
  • Chancellor’s Instructional Technology Award (one year, $120,000), 1998.

Courses Taught:

  • American Studies 705, Digital Humanities Field Experience (graduate)
  • English 675, Digital Editing and Curation (graduate/undergraduate)
  • English 674, Digital Literature (graduate/undergraduate)
  • English 530, Digital Humanities History and Methods (graduate/undergraduate)
  • English 304, Advanced Writing for Business (undergraduate)
  • English 381, Literature and Cinema (undergraduate)
  • English 366, Literature and the Other Arts (undergraduate)
  • English 347, The American Novel (undergraduate)
  • English 318, Multimodal Composing (undergraduate)
  • English 281, Literature and Media (undergraduate)
  • English 150, Introduction to Literary Studies (undergraduate)
  • English 149, Networked and Multimodal Composing (undergraduate)
  • English 127, Writing About Literature (undergraduate)
  • English 105, First Year Composition (undergraduate)
  • English 89, Computers and English Studies (undergraduate)
  • English 69, Entrepreneurial Writing on the Web (undergraduate)

Curriculum Vitae / Resume