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Photo of Michael Gutierrez, taken by Sarah Boyd

Teaching Asssociate Professor/ Associate Director of the Writing Program

University of New Hampshire, MFA, Fiction Writing, 2008.

University of Massachusetts, MA, History, 2005.

University of California, Los Angeles, BA, History, 2000


Michael Keenan Gutierrez is the author of The Swill (Leapfrog) and The Trench Angel (Leapfrog) and earned degrees from UCLA, the University of Massachusetts, and the University of New Hampshire. His short work has been published in Cobalt, 805 + Art, The Delmarva Review, The Collagist, Scarab, The Pisgah Review, Untoward, The Boiler, and Crossborder. His screenplay, The Granite State, was a finalist at the Austin Film Festival and he has received fellowships from The University of Houston and the New York Public Library. Originally from Los Angeles, he has been teaching at the University of North Carolina since 2012.

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  • The Swill. Novel. Leapfrog Press, June 2022.
  • The Trench Angel. Novel. Leapfrog Press, October 2015.
  • “The Conversation.” Pacifica Literary Review. Spring 2019.
  • “The Bone Bag.” Delmarva Review. November 2016.
  • “Click, Tally, Reset.” The Collagist. July 2015.
  • “Tell Me About Yourself: Using the Autoethnography to Expand Opportunities for Undergraduate Research in the Creative Writing Classroom.” With Sarah Singer. Pedagogy. Spring 2022.

Teaching Awards

  • Joseph Flora Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of North Carolina, 2014.
  • Graduate Student Teaching Award, College of Arts & Sciences, University of New Hampshire, 2008.
  • Graduate Student Teaching Award, Department of English, University of New Hampshire, 2008.


  • Friday Award, Institute of Arts & Humanities, University of North Carolina, 2020
  • Institute of Arts & Humanities Faculty Fellowship, University of North Carolina, 2019
  • Adobe Course Development Grant, University of North Carolina, 2018.
  • Ackland Art Museum Course Development Grant, University of North Carolina, 2018.
  • University Research Council Grant, University of North Carolina, 2014.
  • Austin Film Festival, One-Hour Pilot, Finalist, 2013.
  • New York Public Library, Research Fellowship, 2011-2012.
  • Houston Writing Fellowship, University of Houston, 2010-2012.

Courses Taught:

  • ENGL 283: Life Writing
  • ENGL 147: Mystery Fiction
  • ENGL 124: Contemporary Fiction
  • ENGL 123: Introduction to Fiction
  • ENGL 105i: Writing in the Humanities
  • ENGL 105i: Writing in the Social Sciences
  • ENGL 105: First-Year Writing

Curriculum Vitae / Resume