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Student Spotlight: Isabella St. Onge

July 19, 2019

Isabella St. Onge, a double ECL and theatre major, demonstrates the perfect example of one student finding a way to connect two seemingly disengaged topics for the benefit of both fields.

Student Spotlight: Chris Combemale

July 12, 2019

Chris Combemale, an ECL major who consistently works in the Department of Dramatic Art here on campus, discusses how his English studies have crossed disciplines to equip him with the fundamental skills he needs to succeed.

Student Spotlight: Emily Long

July 5, 2019

Emily Long, an English and Biology double major with a minor in Medicine, Literature and Culture, offers a look at how one student has combined the two fields of study that interest her most— STEM and literature.

Student Spotlight: Danielle Kruchten

June 27, 2019

Danielle Kruchten, a double major in English and History, reveals how different majors play to each other’s strengths and can lay the fundamental groundwork for her future plans of attending law school.

Student Spotlight: Kendrel Cabarrus

June 20, 2019

For Kendrel Cabarrus, being an ECL major not only provided him with the fundamental skills he was looking for but also represented the best option in terms of diversity and flexibility in a job market that is ever changing.

Remembering Dr. Johnny Lee Greene

June 18, 2019

“Gathering Memories: The Life and Legacy of Dr. J. Lee Greene” honors Dr. Johnny Lee Greene, distinguished Professor of African-American Literature and a pioneer of campus diversity at UNC.

Student Spotlight: Julia Whitten

June 11, 2019

Julia Whitten, a double major in English and Spanish here at UNC, demonstrates the perfect example of a student who never expected to major in the Department, but naturally found her way.

Cherríe Moraga Speaks at Sonja Haynes Stone Center

April 30, 2019

Moraga is one of the most influential Chicano/a writers in the U.S. today. Among other notable works, she is the playwright of Heroes and Saints and the editor for the collection This Bridge Called My Back.