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English Honors Thesis

Olivia Askew

Thesis title: “Complex Confederacy: Water and Consciousness in William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury”

Georgia Chapman

Thesis Title: The Ivy on the Tower: Dark Academia, Aesthetics, and Institutional Violence

Eli Dietrich

Thesis Title: This Death Will Be Art: The Counter-Exemplarity of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Aubrey Martin

Thesis Title: Bad Women and “A Spirit to Resist”: The Archetypes of Female Villainy in Shakespearean Drama

Jeffery Mcclure

Thesis Title: “This England” and Other Fictions: Evolving English Nationhood and Colonialism in Shakespeare and Spenser

Logan Parks

Thesis title: “The Uncertain Status of The Imperfect Animal: Dante’s Inferno

Bradley Sadowsky

Thesis title: “”The Swirling Sphere Has Opened”: Pound in Paradise”

Abigail Welch

Thesis title: “Ashes, War, and a Broken Earth: The Systemic Role of Education in Fantasy Literature”

Abigail Gillespie

Madeleine Hepting

Selena Hernandez

Sheena Meng

Grace Villanueva

Creative Writing Thesis


Amelia Loeffler

Thesis title: “Teneral”

Elizabeth Belter

Thesis title: “A Body Called Sound”

Beni Kroll

Thesis title: “Dogs in the Yard”

Ashley McGuire

Thesis title: “Wind in a Dry Field”

Blaine Purcell

Thesis title: “Bulge”

Lila Davidson

Thesis title: “star-psalms”

Raina Lee

Thesis title: “Tangerines Break Furious Like Goodnight”

Kieran Murphy

Thesis title: “Please Destroy This Book”

Marleigh Purgar-Mcdonald

Thesis title: “When Stars Part to Let the Darkness Through”

Oddesciey Rone

Thesis title: “I Am No Longer Meant to Be Part of This”

Amery Smith

Thesis title: “Keen”

Renna Voss

Thesis title: “Gone to Seed”

Creative Non-Fiction

Valerie Calvo

Thesis title: On the Water: A Collection of Essays

Hannah Collett

Thesis title: ALL THOSE OTHER UNIVERSES: A Collection of Love Letters

Jenna Gartland

Thesis title: De-name-ination

Meredith Whitley

Thesis title: “Hell is an Underground Bar”

Anna Marie Switzer

Thesis title: “I Thought This Would Be Different: Essays on College, Among Other Things”

Rachel Donnan

Ryn Howell

Patrick Hunter

Isabella Reilly

Ciara Renaud

Kate Stukenborg

Annie Vedder


Paula Omokhomion

Thesis title: New Age Tafetta

Sam Dietrich

Thesis title: The Haunting of Britt Russell

Eleanor Ellis

Thesis title: Divine Punishment

Delaney Phelps

Thesis title: Inheritance

Kelly Ray

Thesis title: An Ode to Atlantic Avenue

Isabella Ukariwo

Thesis title: TBD

Claire Warr

Thesis title: Ornis

Margaret Dunn

Thesis title: Immaculogenesis

Grace Nieters

Thesis title: People Like Me

Samuel Ramirez

Thesis title: Hit Dog Will Holler

Valerie Ruppert

Thesis title: A Garden of Dying Lies

Ayah Wahab

Thesis title: Good Girls

Jacob Wilson

Thesis title: Tributaries

Other Creative Writing Thesis:

Sofia Oumhani

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