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Actor, The Shape of Water and FX’s “Justified”

Class of 1982

“My experience at UNC as an English major taught me the tradition and elements of storytelling. By studying the classic authors of Western civilization like Milton, Chaucer, Wordsworth, and Tennyson, as well as the more contemporary giants, Thomas Wolfe and Mark Twain, I was imbued with a sense of what constitutes a good story. It has also afforded me the confidence to direct films and to write screenplays that have been produced, and to continue to move forward in that area. But I am primarily an actor.  An actor expresses the written word.  Without my experience with the excellent English Department at UNC, I truly believe I would never have been able to make a career as a professional actor. I will be forever grateful for my experience walking the paths at UNC that Thomas Wolfe walked, and meeting the amazing minds that shaped me in the English Department.”