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Graduate Student Ambassadors

Feel free to email us with any questions you may have either before or after viewing the videos on this page.

Travis Alexander (20th C American Literature);

Tyler Bunzey (20th and 21st C African American Literature);

James Cobb (20th and 21st C African American Literature);

Mark Collins (Contemporary Multi-Ethnic Literature; Women’s and Gender Studies);

Sean DiLeonardi (20th C American Literature);

Jessica Slavic Drexel (Comparative Literature);

Tyler Easterbrook (Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy);

Elisa Faison (Contemporary American Literature; Ecocriticism);

Jessica Ginocchio (Comparative Literature);

Grant Glass (18th-19th C British Literature; Digital Humanities);

Ani Govjian (Early Modern / Renaissance Literature);

Don Holmes (18th and early 19th C African American Literature);

Katie Landers (Early Modern / Renaissance Literature);

Mary Learner (Early Modern / Renaissance Literature);

Erik Maloney (Early Modern / Renaissance Literature);

Sejal Mahendru (Postcolonial Literature; Ecocriticism);

Karah Mitchell (19th C American Literature);

Ben Murphy (19th and Early 20th C American Literature);

Jared Powell (18th-19th C British Literature);

Kylan Rice (19th and Early 20th C American Literature; Poetics);

Carly Schnitzler (Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies);

Liz Shand (18th-19th C British Literature);

Rachel Warner (20th C American and Multiethnic Literature; Queer Theory);

Carlie Wetzel (19th C British Literature);