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NameGraduation YearCurrent PositionDissertation DirectorDissertation Title
Heather E Epes2006General Administrator at Montessori Day SchoolTodd TaylorMethodologies of *relationship: Risking self-(re)definition through communities and dialogues of difference
Marc K Dudley2006Professor of English at NC State UniversityTownsend LudingtonDrawing the (color)line: Hemingway's America, Africa, and the question(ing) of authority
Regina F Bartolone2006Leadership Coach at Bartolone CoachingMartine AntleRe-thinking the language of pain in the works of Marguerite Duras and Frida Kahlo
Nora L Corrigan2007Professor of English at Mississippi University of WomenAlan DessenEnglish commoners and communities on the early modern stage
Patrick Cooper2007Manager of Technology and Training at Sullivan and Cromwell LLPJohn McGowan“A vision of human claims”: George Eliot's challenge to Victorian selfishness
Kristen Carella2007Professor of English at Assumption UniversityPatrick O'NeillAlcuin and Alfred: Two Anglo -Saxon legal reformers
James A Crank2007Associate Professor of American Literature and Culture at the University of AlabamaLinda Wagner-MartinJames Agee and the wounded body
Jose L Venegas2007Professor of Spanish and Interdisciplinary Humanities at Wake Forest UniversityDiane LeonardDecolonizing modernism: James Joyce and the development of contemporary Spanish American narrative
Kathleen B Rogers2007Professor and Director of Medical Humanities at College of CharlestonJeanne MoskalMedical poems and the Romantic rise of disciplinarity
Clare Little2007Associate Professor of Humanities and Communication at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityBeverly TaylorA new “look” at the canon: De -familiarizing the works of Thackeray, Dickens, Collins, and Gaskell through a recovery of their illustrations
Sean P Knierim2007Partner and Co-founder of Sideporch, Partner at Estabrook Carbon, Professor of Practice at Arizona State University,
Partner and Co-Founder of The Liminal Collective
Monica RectorLiteratures of urban development: World Bank literature and the chronicles of Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City
Supritha Rajan2007Associate Professor of English at University of RochesterJohn McGowanThe rites and relics of value: Sacrifice and communality in nineteenth-century political economy, anthropology, and fiction
Patricia D Patrick2007Dean and Associate Professor of Arts and Letters at Brigham Young University HawaiiJessica WolfeJudgment in early modern England, 1580–1615
Donald Douglas Wells Jr2007Reid BarbourPolitical Platonism in the English Renaissance
John D Kitchens2007Honors Faculty at Colorado State UniversityLynda StoneOrientation and education: Critical constellations in the new millennium
Philip J Kowalski2007Independent scholar and poetJane ThrailkillCultural genetics: Theories of inheritance and nineteenth-century American literature
Amy N Mcguff2007Pamela CooperIntimate terror: Gender, domesticity, and violence in Irish and Indian novels of partition
Timothy R Jecmen2007Manager of Instructional Design at Atria Management CompanyPhilip GuraWriting the Revolution: Radicalism and the United States historical romance, 1835–1860
Timothy S Hayes2007Associate Professor of English and Chair of Chowan University English DepartmentJohn McGowanStories of things remote: (Re)placing the self in 19th-century adventure fiction
Carrie R Matthews2007Associate Teaching Professor of English at the University of WashingtonJohn McGowan & Eric DowningArticulations of anarchist modernism: Putting art to work
Suzanne Shrell Bolt2007Joseph FloraA view to a cure: Narrative quest and healing transformation in the work of Reynolds Price
Heather L Klomhaus2007Eric DowningNegative visions: The referential authority of photography in contemporary literary fiction
Eileen Margaret Anderson2008Lecturing Fellow of Romance Studies at Duke UniversityMaria DeGuzman and Nicholas AllenResisting anglicization: Irish and Puerto Rican intersections in New York in the twentieth century
Kinitra D Brooks2008Leslie Endowed Chair in Literary Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of English at Michigan State UniversityTrudier HarrisThe black maternal: Heterogeneity and resistance in literary representations of black mothers in 20th century African American and Afro-Caribbean women's fiction
Sarah A Miller2008Associate Professor of Classics and Chair at Duquesne UniversityDorothy VerkerkThe Milan Diptych: A sixth-century gospel book cover in the political landscape of Ravenna
Tessa J. Nicholas2008Teaching Professor, Director of Digital Arts and Humanities Projects and a Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel HillWilliam HarmonImagining community: Individual influence and group cohesion in American avant-garde poetry and poetics
Derek J Thiess2008Assistant Professor at University of North GeorgiaClayton KoelbMiller's milieu, or the cultural moments of late humanism: Science and religion in the golden age of science fiction
Jennifer L. Larson2008Director of Credit Programs and Summer School, Digital and Lifelong Learning & Teaching Professor in English and Comparative Literature at UNC Chapel HillTrudier HarrisThe revisionary aesthetic of Suzan -Lori Parks: “Hear the bones sing, write it down”
Alex Charles Mcaulay2008Film director and novelistPamela CooperSurfing the interzones: Posthuman geographies in twentieth century literature and film
Molly M Westerman2008Article Writer at Mutha MagazinePamela CooperNarrating historians: Crises of historical authority in twentieth-century British fiction
Nathaniel E Cadle2008Assistant Professor and Faculty Advisor in English at Florida International UniversityJane ThrailkillThe mediating nation: American literature and globalization from Henry James to Woodrow Wilson
Kara N Getrost2008Senior Lecturer at University of DaytonEric Downing & John McGowanFrom innocent play to imperial survey: Adolescent rites of passage in the British and German adventure novels of sub -Saharan Africa, 1870–1905
William A Nolan2008DeceasedEric Downing & John McGowanCapturing life: Zoological gardens and the emergence of cinema
Maria C Bortolotto2008Adjunct Senior Lecturer at University of New EnglandMaria DeGuzman & Tanya ShieldsBlushing to be: Shame and the narration of subjectivity in contemporary U.S. -Caribbean fiction
Thomas R Spencer2008Associate Professor of German & Russian at Brigham Young UniveristyAlice Kuzniar“Was ist gott?” The representation of the divine in Friedrich Hölderlin
Paul M Worley2009Associate Professor of Global Literature at Western Carolina UniversityRosa PerelmuterTelling and being told: Storytelling and cultural control in contemporary Mexican and Yukatek Maya texts
Courtney L Vien2009Editor-in-Chief at AICPA's Journal of AccountancyAllan LifeThe inward mirror: George Meredith and the psyche
Maura M D'Amore2009Professor of English at St. Michael's CollegePhilip Gura“Country life within city reach”: Masculine domesticity in suburban America, 1819–1871
Camille T. Passalacqua2009Trudier HarrisThe corporeal trauma narratives of Gayl Jones's “Corregidora, ” Phyllis Alesia Perry's “Stigmata” and Luisa Valenzuela's “Cambio de armas”
Marc Philip Napolitano2009Director of Faculty Development at United States Air Force AcademyAllan Life“Reviewing the situation”: Oliver! and the musical afterlife of Dickens's novels
Anne J Menkens2009Self-Employed Writing / Project ConsultantReid Barbour“And in another make me understood”: Reading George Herbert in the light of his contemporaries
Elizabeth V Keim Harper2009Associate Professor of English at Mercer UniversityJoseph WittigGifts and economic exchange in Middle English religious writing
Karah E Rempe2009Pastry Chef and Owner of Dutch Baby BakeryEliza Richards & Philip GuraIntimacy in print: Literary celebrity and public interiority in nineteenth-century American literature
Jennifer L Cadwallader2009Professor of English at Randolph-Macon CollegeBeverly TaylorSpirits of the age: Ghost stories and the Victorian psyche
Anne L Bruder2009Dean Of Academic Affairs at Deerfield AcademyEliza RichardsOutside the classroom walls: Alternative pedagogies in American literature and culture, 1868–1910
Melissa M Caldwell2009Professor and Department Advisor at Eastern Illinois University Department of EnglishReid BarbourThe outlines of skepticism: The problem of moral authority in early modern England
Aman Ya Nadhiri2009Joseph WittigSarasins and Franks: Perceptions of self and the other in 12th -15th century literature
Timothy W Galow2009Professor of English at Carroll UniversityLinda Wagner-MartinWriting celebrity: Modernism, authorial personas, and self -promotion in the early twentieth century United States
Nilanjana Dutta2009Adjunct Faculty of Composition at George Mason UniversitySucheta Mazumdar“Scott of Bengal”: Examining the European legacy in the historical novels of Bankimchandra Chatterjee
Margaret F Swezey2009Assistant Director of the Duke University Writing StudioJoseph WittigCourtship and the making of marriage in early Middle English romance
Erin L Ashworth-King2009Professor and Department Chair of English and Modern Languages at Angelo State UniversityReid BarbourThe ethics of satire in early modern English literature
William M. Russell2009Professor of English at the Department of English at the College of CharlestonJessica WolfeThe invention of the critic in England, 1570–1640
Carine R Applegarth2009Assistant Professor of English at UNC GreensboroJane DanielewiczOther grounds: Popular genres and the rhetoric of anthropology, 1900–1940
Sarah O Hallenbeck2009Associate Professor of English & Composition Coordinator at UNC WilmingtonJane Danielewicz & Jordynn JackWriting the bicycle: Women, rhetoric, and technology in late nineteenth-century America
Mary Raschko2009Associate Professor of English at Whitman CollegeJoseph Wittig & Fiona SomersetRendering the word: Vernacular accounts of the parables in late medieval England
Jennifer Bolton Verdun2009President of Magnolia Bough Jewelry & Gifts LLCReid BarbourCultivating power: Transformations of the gardener-king trope in the interregnum and the restoration
Deric J Corlew2010Business Development Director at Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)George Lensing“Nerves in patterns”: Synaptic space, neuroscience, and American modernist poetry
Gerald A Miller2010English Department Author at Alamance Community CollegeGregory FlaxmanVariables of the human: Theoretical utopianisms and heterotopian science fictions
Sarah Wood Anderson2010Senior Lecturer at University of Wisconsin-MadisonLinda Wagner-MartinReadings of trauma and madness in Hemingway, H.D., and Fitzgerald
Genevieve E. Romeo2010Editor for Hire at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing CenterJessica WolfeVessels of vengeance: Divine wrath and human instruments in early modern revenge tragedy
Michael Bogucki2010Professor of Arts And Humanities at Minerva University @KGIJohn McGowan & Nicholas AllenBrutal phantoms: Modernism, anti-theatricality, and Irish drama
Dustin L Mengelkoch2010Jessica WolfePapinian mutability: Statius and early modernity
Zachary Mcleod Hutchins2010Associate Professor of English at Colorado State UniversityPhilip GuraInventing Eden: Primitivism, millennialism, and the making of New England
Roger M Jackson2010Associate Professor of English and Modern Languages at Angelo State UniversityReid BarbourThe prolongation of life in early modern English literature and culture, with emphasis on Francis Bacon
Robert L Martinez II2010Associate Professor of English at Eastern Illinois UniversityPamela Cooper & John McGowanNo future: The realist impulse in dystopian fictions in Britain, 1973–1987
Matthew J Luter2010Upper English School Teacher at St. Andrew's Episcopal SchoolLinda Wagner-MartinWriting the devouring neon: Celebrity and audience in American literature 1973–2003
Nicholas M. Gaskill2010Associate Professor of American Literature at Oxford UniversityJane ThrailkillVibrant environments: The feel of color from the white whale to the red wheelbarrow
Mary Alice Kirkpatrick2010Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communication at Furman UniversityMinrose GwinThe Present Elsewhere: Theorizing an aesthetics of displacement in contemporary African American and postcolonial literatures
Catherine O. Clark2010Assistant Professor of English and French at Averett UniversityErin Carlston & Eric DowningReading Sapphic modernism: Belle époque poésie and poetic prose
Rania Chelala2010Part-Time Writer in ItalyLinda Wagner-MartinBorder-crossing laughter: Humor in the short fiction of Mark Twain, Mikhail Naimy, Edgar Allan Poe, and Emile Habiby
Kevin Parker Eubanks2010Associate Professor of Writing and Electives at U.S. Naval War CollegeEric DowningA poetics of “Care, ” or time and the “Dasein” of modernism in Thomas Mann and Martin Heidegger (1924/1947)
Sarah K Cantrell2010Lecturer at the University of Tennessee KnoxvilleShayne LegassieErrant Latin: The Transformation of Language in Medieval Missions to the Mongol Empire
Toby L Weisslitz2010Instructional Specialist at College of Communication and Information at Florida State UniversityJessica WolfeBeyond the Bosphorus: The Holy Land in English Reformation Literature, 1516–1596
Hannah L Rigby2011Adjunct Instructor of English at University of MississippiEliza RichardsContentment and Its Discontents
Amanda M Page2011Associate Professor of English at Juniata CollegeMaría DeGuzmán;  Miriam CookeTranslators and Interpreters in Iraq War Literature
Leslie Davison2011Proposal Coordinator at Mindwire Systems LtdMarsha Collins; Inger BrodeyEchoes of Honor: A Comparative Analysis of Blood, Honor, and Revenge from Spanish and Japanese Drama to the Digital Age
Marc D Cohen2011Teaching Associate Professor at University of North Carolina Chapel HillFlorence DoreBooks of Life: Post-DNA Life Science in 1960s American Fiction
Robert Alden Rubin2011Author, Editorial Consultant at The Book DocMiriam Cooke; Gregory FlaxmanMediterranean Dream-Places: The Past and Future of Surrealism in Late Twentieth-century Arab Literature
Heather R Ross2011Adjunct Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel HillDanielle ChristmasTo Be Continued: Literary Identities in Transition
Sarah E Clere2011Visiting Assistant Professor at The CitadelJennifer HoFabric Thinking: Blending Text and Textile
Jonathan Lee D'Amore2011Special Assistant to the President of the University of VermontJoseph ButtgriegThe Writing Life: Authorship and Authority in Recent American Autobiographical Narratives
Cynthia A Current2011Associate Teaching Professor at University of North Carolina Chapel HillJohn McGowanTechnology and the Archive: Framing Identity in American Literature, 1880–1914
Wilson Ron Kaiser2011Professor at Florida State College at JacksonvilleFrederico Lusetti; Richard CantiPartial Affinities: Fascism and the Politics of Representation in Interwar America
Winifred A Ernst2011Co-Founder and Executive Coach/Expert Facilitator at Blue Waters AssociatesThomas A. StumpfJohn Dryden: The Old Lion in 1700
Sarah H Ficke2011Associate Professor at Marymount UniversityWilliam Andrews; Laurie LangbauerPirates, Runaways, and Long-Lost Princes: Race and National Identity in Transatlantic Adventure Fiction
Nathaniel Doyle Stogdill20119th Grade Dean & Coordinator and Program Director of JumpStart at Polytechnic SchoolReid Barbour“Plastic power”: Imagining adaptability in seventeenth-century England
Michael Eugene Cornett2011Associate Director and Director of Undergraduate Studies for Duke's Center for Medieval and Renaissance StudiesThe form of confession a later medieval genre for examining conscience
Anna M Panszczyk2011Master Lecturer at Boston UniversityMadeline LevineDollhood: The Doll as a Space of Duality in 20th-Century Literature and Art
Jennifer Patricia Flaherty2011Associate Professor of Shakespeare Studies at Georgia College State UniversityJessica Wolfe“Chronicles of our time:” Feminism and postcolonialism in appropriations of Shakespeare's plays
Elena Grear Oxman2012Director/Writer/Taught Film History at UNC, Duke, Stanford, and the College of San MateoGregory Flaxman“Images without metaphor”: Re-visioning French film theory
Sarah R Lindsay2012Edward Donald KennedyQuestioning chivalry in the Middle English Gawain romances
Jennifer Ann Williamson2012Vice President of Gender and Social Inclusion at ACDI/VOCALinda Wagner-MartinSentimental appropriations: Contemporary sympathy in the novels of Grace Lumpkin, Josephine Johnson, John Steinbeck, Margaret Walker, Octavia Butler, and Toni Morrison
Kelly B Ross2012Assistant Professor of English at Rider UniversityEliza RichardsMarks and Traces: The Origins of Literary Detection in the Antebellum United States
Katherine L Carlson-Eastvold2012Instructor of Capital Scholars Honors Program at University of Illinois SpringfieldLaurie LangbauerArtful artlessness: Authorship, appropriation, and the creative child, 1858–1920
Melissa Dee Birkhofer2012Instructor in the English Department/Director of the U.S. Latinx Studies program at Western CarolinaMaria GuzmánBordering borders: Gender politics and contemporary Latina literature
Angela Marie Calcaterra2012Associate Professor of English at University of Northern TexasEliza RichardsAmerican Indians and the grounds of American literary history
Erin Lee Branch2012Associate Teaching Professor/Director of the Writing Program at Wake Forest UniversityJane Danielewicz; Jordynn JackTransforming Tastes: M. F. K. Fisher, Julia Child, Alice Waters and the Revision of American Food Rhetorics
Harry Osborne Thomas Jr2012Learner Engagement Strategist with Beyond the ProfessionateMinrose GwinSissy!: The effeminate grotesque in U.S. literature and culture since 1940
Jonathan Thomas Risner2012Associate Professor/Associate Chair Spanish and PortugueseMaria DeGuzmán; Joanne HershfieldBlood runs: The circulation of Argentine horror cinema in Argentina and the United States
Julie E Fann2012Therapist at Julie Fann Counseling, PLLCMegan MatchinkseStories of God and Gall: Presbyterian polemic during the conformity wars of mid-seventeenth-century England and Scotland
Stephanie Shawn Morgan2012Director of Education and Edtech at CompTIADaniel AndersonThe write match: Women's rhetorosociality in online dating
Matthew Paul Carlson2012Associate Professor of English at High Point UniversityGeorge LensingW. H. Auden and opera: Studies of the libretto as literary form
David Cooper Phillips2012Instructor of English at Wake Technical Community CollegeJohn McGowanBlack blood/red ink: Fact, fiction, and authorial self-representation in Vladimir Nabokov's “Look at the Harlequins!, ” Marguerite Duras' “L'Amant de la Chine du Nord, ” and Philip Roth's “Operation Shylock: A Confession”
Allison Margaret Bigelow2012Tom Scully Discovery Chair Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of VirginiaTimothy MarrMining empire, planting empire: The colonial scientific literatures of the Americas
Robert E Barham2012Associate Professor of English at Covenent CollegeJessica WolfeRhetorical failure in English Renaissance literature
Heather L Branstetter2012Writer and Director of Historic Wallace Preservation SocietyJordynn Jack; Jane DanielewiczAn ALFA-Omega approach to rhetorical invention: Queer revolutionary pragmatism and political education
Erich Werner2012Associate Professor of English at Westchester Community CollegeJordynn Jack; Dr. Daniel AndersonRants, Reactions, and other Rhetorics: Genres of the YouTube Vlog
Sarah Elizabeth Parker2012Associate Professor of English at Jacksonville UniversityJessica WolfeContrary signs: Categorizing illness in early modern literature
Marco Alexandre De Oliveira2012Independent scholarFederico Luisetti; Walter MignoloCannibal logic: Latin America under the sign of an other thinking
Karen Cruz Stapleton2012María DeGuzmánReading food: Gender, ethnicity, and transnational identities in Latina literature
Aram Jonathan Shepherd2012Faculty Member at Mission CollegeMaría DeGuzmánThe contours of America: Latin America and the borders of modernist literature in the United States
Pablo Maurette2013Associate Professor of English at Florida State UniversityJessica WolfeTouch, hands, kiss, skin: Tactility in early modern Europe
Kwangtaek Han2013Eliza RichardsSpectral substances of democracy: Agency, affect, and power in American romance
Robert D Lupton2013Thomas ReinertLetters & Laws: How Literary Genre Shaped 18th-Century Clubs
Joseph Stephen Wallace2013Associate Editor at the Modern Language Association of AmericaReid Barbour; Jessica WolfePagan Fictions: Literature and False Religion in England, 1550–1650
Seth M. Martin2013George LensingThe Poetics of Return: Five Contemporary Irish Poets and America
Graham W Culbertson2013Teaching Assistant Professor at UNC-Chapel HillJohn McGowan; Jane F. ThrailkillLife was doing something new: The making of the American metropolis, 1870-1920
Adrian L Greene2013Part-Time Professor of English at Wake Forest University and Associate Dean of Admissions CommunicationsPhilip GuraThe war against weariness: Imaginative energies in southern American novels (1864-1918)
Michael J Rulon2013Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Global Languages and Cultures at Northern Arizona UniversityMartine AntleIntimate selving and healing in women's writing of postcolonial warfare
Samantha Michele Riley2013Executive Director of the Lonely EntrepreneurJuan Carlos González EspitiaAbsurdist-ethics and radical agency in AIDS cinema: Erotic genealogies, absurd laughter, and grotesque aesthetics
Erin Bartels Buller2013Writing Coach at Brave WriterMinrose GwinThe unlocked room problem: Evidence and interpretation in twentieth-century investigation narratives
Kelly L Bezio2013Graduate Coordinator/Associate Professor of English at Texas A&M UniversityJane F. ThrailkillCommunicable Disease in the American Literary Imagination
Kathleen Robin Curtin2013Assistant Professor of English at Concordia University ChicagoReid BarbourHoney from the lion: Interpretation and religious persecution in early modern English autobiography
William Oliver Taylor2013Eric DowningBirth of an artistic Socrates: The motivations and form of Nietzsche's classicism 1869-1872
Katherine I Shrieves2013Associate Teaching Professor of English at University of Massachussetts LowellMary Floyd-WilsonAnimate texts: Hieroglyphic reading practices in early modern England, 1564-1658
Benjamin G Sammons2013Assistant Professor of English at Wingate UniversityLinda Wagner-MartinReforming readers: Agency and activism in the Long Progressive Era
Evan August Gurney2013Associate Professor of English at the University of North Carolina at AshevilleReid BarbourDiscontented charity: Theology, community, and hermeneutics, more to Milton
Emily Marie Brewer2013Writer, Designer, and Project Manager at Legacy StorybooksJeanne MoskalA lady novelist and the late eighteenth-century book trade: Charlotte Smith's letters to publisher Thomas Cadell, Sr., 1786-94
Elissa Mara Zellinger2013Associate Professor of English at Texas Tech UniversityEliza RichardsLyrical strains: 1820-1920
Christopher J Mckenna2013Associate Professor of Business Communication, Nelson Rusche College of Business at Stephen F. Austin State UniversityTimothy MarrChasing Mr. C: Early motion-picture exhibition in Robeson County, North Carolina (1896-1950)
Jennifer Neale Mcdaneld2013Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at the University of PortlandJane Thrailkill; Robyn WiegmanSplitting Suffrage: 1869 and the Narrative Forms of Race and Gender in U.S. Feminism
Aaron David Shackelford2013Director of Programming for Duke ArtsEliza RichardsUnfamiliar war: Literature & trauma in the American Civil War
Lauren Nicole Cameron2013Assistant Teaching Professor of English at Pennsylvania State UniversityBeverly TaylorRenegotiating Science: British Women Novelists and Evolution Controversies, 1826-1876
Euan D Griffiths2013Senior Quality Control Specialist at Synger-G Biopharma GroupEdward Donald KennedyVarieties in Translation: Adaptation and Translation between French and English Arthurian Romance
Kristen E Lacefield2013Lecturer of English and Film Studies at Texas Christian UniversityBeverly TaylorMary Shelley's novels, the guillotine, and contemporary horror film
Danielle Nicole Johnson2013Writer and editorMinrose Gwin; Bland SimpsonI'm glad I gave all my heart: The fiction of Lee Smith
Elizabeth Ashley Brimmer Hall2013Daniel AndersonEmergent design: Tracing and studying knowledge transfer through composition networks
Sarah Elizabeth Marsh2013Associate Professor of English/Director of DE&I Curriculum Development in the Liberal Arts at Seton Hill UniversityJeanne MoskalThe regency novel and the British constitution: Austen, Brunton, Shelley, and the culture of romantic decline
Meredith Marie Malburne-Wade2013Director of the Office of Fellowships and Awards (OFA); Student Awards, Initiatives, and Research (STAIR) at James Madison UniversityMaria DeGuzmánRevision as resistance in twentieth-century American drama
Patrick Emmet Horn2013English Teacher at Northern High School, Durham Public SchoolsRebecka Rutledge-FisherNarrative empathy for "the other" in American literature, 1845-1945
Ashley K Reed2014Assistant Professor of English at Virginia TechJane ThrailkillGender, race, and secular agency in American Protestant fiction, 1820-1870
Stephanie Adair Rispoli2014Reid Barbour; Paul YoungquistAnatomy, vitality, and the Romantic Body: Blake, Coleridge, and the Hunter Circle, 1750-1840
Jena Abdullah Al-Fuhaid2014Jeanne MoskalFeminine-centered history and the "good cause" in Mary Shelley's "Perkin Warbeck"
Luke William Mills2014Associate Professor of English at Wingate UniversityJoseph WittigReligious oaths in the Chaucerian fabliaux
Rebecca L Nesvet2014Associate Professor in the Center for Food in Community & Culture at University of Wisconsin Green BayJeanne MoskalThe vanishing voyager and the emerging outsider, 1818-1930
Benjamin E Rogerson2014Assistant Professor of Practice at Texas Tech UniversityGregory FlaxmanArt/work: White-collar creativity, 1960-1970
Catherine Jane Massie2014Joseph ViscomiRomantic frames of mind: Vision and sympathy in British novels of the nineteenth century
Chelsea Redeker Milbourne2014Assistant Professor of Technical & Professional Communication and the Rhetoric of Science/ English Major advisor at California Polytechnic State UniversityJordynn Jack; Jane DanielewiczRevisions of nature: Spectacle, gender, and public science rhetoric in eighteenth-century Great Britain
Lynn Ann Badia2014Assistant Professor of English and Environmental Humanities at Colorado State UniversityLawrence Grossberg; Tyler CurtainA universe of forces: Energy in early twentieth-century theory and literature
Zackary Dwayne Vernon2014Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies (English) at Appalachian State UniversityFred HobsonHaunted by waters: The hydropolitics of American literature and film, 1960-1980
Kevin Robert Kritsch2014Patrick O'NeillApostles, apostolicity & apocrypha: The literary reception and treatment of the twelve apostles in Anglo-Saxon England with a study of the cult of St. Andrew
Jessica Lynn Martell2014Assistant Professor, Member of the Graduate School Faculty: Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at Appalachian State UniversityGregory FlaxmanIn formlessness and appetite: Modernist form and imperial food politics, 1890-1922
Scott Daniel Dill2014Medical Writer at NAMSAFlorence Dore; Gregory FlaxmanThe only crucial clocks: Secular time in the contemporary American novel
Rosa Arrington Heath Sledge2015Jane Thrailkill; John McGowanReading fashions, fashioning readings: Genre, style, and sartorial semiotics in nineteenth-century American literature
Lena Jeanette Brown2015Todd TaylorKicking ass is comfort food: Television and the feminist heroick
Benjamin Clay Mangrum2015Assistant Professor of Literature at MITJohn McGowanLand of Tomorrow: The postwar novel and the rise of the New Conservative movement
Lauren Garrett2015Upper School English teacher at Durham AcademyMary Floyd-WilsonIn praise of debt: Affective economics in early modern English literature
Susan Bramley Thananopavarn2015Lecturing Fellow in Thompson Writing Program at Duke UniversityJennifer Ho; Maria DeGuzmanLatinAsian Nation: Re-imagining United States history through contemporary Asian American and Latina/o literature
Emily Dawn Bunner2015Todd TaylorIn network: Gaming theory as a strategy for building digital health literacy
Kathryn Ann Jacob Caprino2015Assistant Professor of Education PK-12 at Elizabethtown CollegeCheryl BolickInvestigating an online study group as a path to critical digital writing for four middle grades English teachers: A qualitative study
John David Ribo2015Assistant Professor of English at Florida State UniversityMaria DeGuzmánDecolonizing the Caribbean borderlands: The Haitian revolution in contemporary Latina/o cultural production
Paul Joseph Stapleton2015Research Triangle High SchoolJessica WolfeThe cross in Elizabethan England: An image in an age of iconoclasm
Kathleen Crosby2015Lecturer in English at Elon UniversityPhilip GuraGeographies of the mind: Narrative spaces and literary landscapes in William Gilmore Simms's antebellum fiction
Adam Forrest Mccune2016Novelist; Data Analyst at Brain Power SoftwareLaurie LangbauerThe little actor: Performing childhood in nineteenth-century British literature
Jittima Pruttipurk2016Jane ThrailkillThe gendered subject of turn-of-the century American fiction
Kevin Michael Chovanec2016Reid BarbourPan-protestant heroism in early modern England
Meagan Lynne Blair2016Beverly TaylorAnticontagionism and social reform in nineteenth-century transatlantic literature
Sarah R Workman2016Assistant Director for Proposal Development in Office of Research Development (Humanities)Eric Carlston; Heidi KimThe strange play of traumatic reality: Enchantment in Jewish American literature
James Bolling2016Writer at The New FuturistsMegan MatchinskeSerial historiography: Literature, narrative history, and the anxiety of truth
Lauren Du Graf2016Freelance Writer and ProducerInger BrodeyAmbivalent Americanism: U.S. Literary Modernism in France and Algeria after 1940
Jameela Fay Dallis2016Writer, Tarot Reader, ScholarMinrose Gwin; Shayne LegassieHaunted narratives: The afterlife of Gothic aesthetics in contemporary transatlantic women's fiction
Vaughn Stewart2016Director, Digital ACT Studio at UNCGJessica WolfeReading Nobility: Authority and Early English Print
Vera R Foley2016Visiting Assistant Professor in English at Gustavus Adolphus CollegePhilip GuraThe home front revisited: Visions of union from professional women writers of the American North, 1859-1877
Benjamin Joshua Doty2016Assistant Professor of English, Literature and Language and Chair of the Department of English Literature and Language at St. Mary's UniversityThe anatomy of conscience: Science, ethics, and religion in nineteenth-century American literature
Jeffrey Tyler Gibbons2016Academy Professor at United States Military Academy at West PointJennifer HoAsian American war stories: Trauma and healing in contemporary Asian American literature
Jane Lim2016Associate Professor of Humanities at Seoul National UniversityLaurie LangbauerImaginary translators: The boundaries of the English novel, 1763-1818
Lindsay Rebecca Starck2016Assistant Director of MFA Program & Associate Professor at Augsburg UniversityGregory Flaxman; Erin CarlstonNews that stays news: Transformations of literature, gossip, and community in modernity
Joseph A. Fletcher2016Teaching Assistant Professor of English at UNCJoseph ViscomiQuid's pantheism: William Blake as natural philosopher
Meredith A Farmer2016Assistant Teaching Professor of English at Wake ForestJessica Wolfe; Timothy MarrMelville's ontology
Helen Hye Eun Lee2016Lecturer in Asian Languages and Literature at University of WashingtonJane DanielewiczImprisoned voices: The rhetorics of community in prison writings
Sheila J Nayar2017Adjunct Professor of Film and Media Arts at the University of UtahPrint, Powder, Compass: Technological Inter-Animation and Early Modern Literature
Oren Maxwell Abeles2017Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition and Interim Director of Composition Program at Michigan TechJordynn JackThe Agricultural Climax and Darwin's Evolutionary Rhetoric
Donato Fhunsu2017Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Africana Studies at Bowdoin CollegeInger S. B. Brodey; Todd Ramón OchoaThe Kongo Rule: The Palo Monte Mayombe Wisdom Society ("Reglas De Congo: Palo Monte Mayombe"): A Book by Lydia Cabrera. An English Translation from the Spanish
Doreen Thierauf2017Assistant Professor of English, General Education Program Coordinator, Assistant Director of the Teaching and Learning Center at North Carolina Wesleyan UniversityBeverly Taylor; Ruth SalvaggioSpectacularly Conceived: Sexual Violence and Burdened Motherhood in Nineteenth-Century British Literature
Christin Mary Mulligan2017Pamela A. CooperIntimate Cartographies: Irish and Diasporic Explorations of Gendered Space
Jennifer M Park2017Lecturer in Early Modern English at University of GlasgowMary Floyd-WilsonImmortal Longings: Towards a Poetics of Preservation on the Early Modern Stage
Philip Sandick2017Assistant Teaching Professor of English at Georgetown UniversityDaniel Anderson; Jordynn JackBits Creating Bonds: Lore as a Form of History in Creative Writing and Composition Pedagogy
Sarah Elizabeth Boyd2017Teaching Assistant Professor of English at UNCEliza RichardsMasculinity and the Highly Wrought Style in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Adam J Engel2017Client Training Manager at Triumvirate EnvironmentalPamela A. CooperBetween Two Worlds: The Functions of Liminal Space in Twentieth-Century Literature
Annette Rebecca Pomeroy Shores2017Patrick P. O’NeillNautical Narratives in Anglo-Latin Hagiographies, ca. 700-1100
Lina Juliane Kuhn2018Lecturer at Elon UniversityMatthew Taylor; Eric DowningFollowing Darwin: Biopolitics and the Grotesque in American and German Culture, 1890-1933
Patrick James Eichholz2018Assistant Professor of English at Virginia Military InstituteJohn McGowanThe Great War and the Annus Mirabilis
Alexis Seccombe Giachetti2018Educational Consultant at CIEE College Study Abroad and Multilingual Learners (ELL) Faculty at Carrboro High SchoolFederico Luisetti; John McGowanMid-Twentieth Century Meditations on Love in Europe
Andrew Robert Belton2018Assistant Professor of English at Oklahoma State UniversityGerShun AvilezHip Hop Illiterate: Hermeneutics for the Future of American Literary Theory and Criticism
Katherine Nicole Walker2018Assistant Professor of English at University of Nevada Las VegasMary Floyd-WilsonReading the Natural and Preternatural Worlds in Early Modern Drama
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Jenna Gordan2023Kym WeedResistance Identities: Narrative Reframing, Changemaking, and Community in Judi Chamberlin's On Our Own: Patient-Controlled Alternatives to the Mental Health System
This table includes the current job placement of doctoral alumni who graduated the program since fall 2006.
This table was constructed using data pulled from alumni of the program. If you would like to be included in this table, please email