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A Creative Writing concentration in the writing and analysis of song lyrics, collaborative songwriting (composer & lyricist teams), musical compositions, plays (with particular emphasis on scripting plays for music, musical revues, and book-musical uses) – in short, a minor concentration in songs, music, and scripts intended for various sorts of concert, musical, and theatrical performances.

Choose 5 course:

  • Choose 3 [At least three (3) of the five (5) courses for the Creative Writing Minor must be from the Creative Writing Program’s offerings.]
From the Creative Writing Program:
ENGL 306: Playwriting or Playwriting/Libretto
ENGL 408: Collaboration: Composers and Lyricists
ENGL 409: Lyrics and Lyricists
ENGL 490: Musical Writing Part I, the Revue
ENGL 490: Musical Writing Part II, the Book Musical
From the Department of Music:
MUSC 166: Introduction to Composition
MUSC 381: Analysis of Songcraft
From the Department of Dramatic Art:
DRAM 231: Playwriting I

Choose 5 from: ENGL 306 ENGL 408 ENGL 409 ENGL 490 MUSC 166 MUSC 381 DRAM 231 DRAM 292