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Student Spotlight: Abigail Gillespie

April 29, 2024

Meet Abigail Gillespie, who is a double major in ECL and biology. Gillespie is working on a thesis project examining the role of art in public health communication regarding HIV/AIDS in Kenya.

Brendan Chambers Publishes Interview in The Millions

April 18, 2024

Brendan Chambers, a PhD student in the ECL department, recently published an interview in The Millions: “Dan Sinykin on Fiction, Scholarship, and Academic Twitter.” The interview focuses on Dan Sinykin’s book Big Fiction: How Conglomeration Changed the Publishing Industry and American Literature.

Alumni Spotlight: Adam McKible Publishes Book

April 3, 2024

Adam McKible, who earned his PhD in English from UNC in 1998, published a new book in February: Behind the Lines: How Plagiarism Popularized the Harlem Renaissance.