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Meet Malika Amoruso, a senior double majoring in English and Comparative Literature and Biology who has accumulated a wealth of unique research experience!

Amoruso’s research interests have varied widely and deeply. Her recent research includes, but is not limited to, independent research on Jane Austen & Adaptation Theory under the guidance of Dr. Inger Brodey (with a pending publication in the JASNA Persuasions On-Line Journal), an independent study on Shakespeare & Trans Studies with Dr. David Baker, and further research exploring the intersection of Emily Dickinson & Ecosystems with Dr. Eliza Richards.

Her research does not end in the ECL either! She has actively contributed to HIV pathogenesis research in the Swanstrom Lab and engaged in a SARS-Cov2 antiviral mutagenesis study.

As one can see from her extensive history in research, Amoruso is fascinated by interdisciplinary research. Amoruso loves the reading deeply and composing, “yet with a more scientific and quantitative background.” In speaking to how her time in the ECL has impacted the growth of her research skills, Amoruso credits her mentors and professors with showing her “how everyone can come from different backgrounds but still bring value to the field. They’re truly inspiring!”

Amoruso’s inspiration for majoring in English stems from her sincere “love of reading and writing! That might sound a bit cheesy, but even after deciding to focus on science for university, my free time was devoted mainly to devouring various pieces of literature.”  When she realized that she had the time to double major, Amoruso “jumped at the opportunity.”

While taking courses in the ECL, Amoruso’s passion expanded into a desire to hone her communication skills “in order to connect with people from many different backgrounds and experiences. Writing is a really powerful tool, and I’ve found that as an English major I have the excuse to actively work on it.”

Amoruso’s favorite courses were difficult for her to narrow down, but in the end she said, “it’s a three-way tie between CMPL 220 (Global Jane Austen) by Dr. Inger Brodey, ENGL 390 (M/M Romance) by Dr. Tyler Curtain, and ENGL 437 Chief British Romantics by Dr. Jeanne Moskal… I can honestly say that every DOECL course I’ve taken at UNC has been both highly engaging and memorable.”

After graduation, Amoruso plans on working “for a few years in one of the areas I’ve gained experience in while in college (technical communication, project management, marketing/communications specialist) before considering applying for a graduate program!”

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