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Congratulations to all the doctoral and masters students who earned their degrees in the 2022-2023 academic year. Their research, teaching, and community were invaluable to the department and UNC.

Although we will miss them, we look forward to all of their exciting forthcoming work and future endeavors. We wish them the best!

Master of Arts — Literature, Medicine and Culture
Jesse Bossingham – MA LMC – Summer 2022 – Thesis: Reading Selfhood into One Another: Continuity in Dementia dir. Kym Weed
Irmak Saklayici – MA LMC – Spring 2023 – Thesis: Drawing Heavy Feelings: Visual Metaphors in a Graphic Metaphor About Depression dir. Kym Weed
Laura Crook – MA LMC – Spring 2023 – Thesis: ‘Flying Blind’ yet Reclaiming Control: Metaphors of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Postpartum Period during COVID-19 dir. Kym Weed

Master of Arts
Bailey Fernandez – MA – Summer 2022 – Thesis: On Purpose: Towards a Normative Framework fo the Assessment of Commemorative Art dir. Gregg Flaxman
Taras Mikhailiuk – MA – Fall 2022 – Thesis: Shelley’s Classicism: Mystery and Silence in the Alastor Volume dir. Jessica Wolfe
Audrey Gibson – MA – Spring 2023 – Thesis: “L’enfant au ciel, c’est le Bonheur”: Afro-Creole Spiritualism in the Poetry of Adolphe Duhart dir. Eliza Richards
Josy Raheem – MA – Spring 2023 – Thesis: A More Distinct Idea: Jonathan Richardson’s Practical Criticism dir. Jessica Wolfe
Max Tsarev – MA – Spring 2023 – Thesis: Benjamin, Kracauer, and the Schwelle: The Threshold in Weimar Cinema dir. Inga Pollman

Doctorate in Philosophy
Michael Clark – PhD – Summer 2022 – Dissertation: Deceptive Medicine and (Dis)Trust in Rennaissance Drama dir. Jessica Wolfe
James Cobb – PhD – Summer 2022 – Dissertation: Black Ontology: Contemporary Black Fiction and the Problem of Metaphysics dir. GerShun Avilez
Abigail Lee – PhD – Summer 2022 – Dissertation: Site Trouble: Asianness and Blackness in Contemporary Cultural Production dir. Heidi Kim and GerShun Avilez
Benjamin Murphy – PhD – Summer 2022 – Dissertation: “Provisional Beings”: Crowds, Race, & the Biopolitics of Lynching in American Literature, 1890-1915 dir. Matt Taylor
Trisha Remetir – PhD – Summer 2022 – Dissertation: Unfamiliar Waters: Representations of Resource Extraction in the Philippines, 1970s to Present dir. Maria DeGuzman and Neel Ahuja
Kelli Holt – PhD – Fall 2022 – Dissertation: Animal Welfare in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Law dir. Jeanne Moskal
Mary Learner – PhD – Fall 2022 – Dissertation: Patterns, Samples, and Observational Science in Early Modern Literature dir. Megan Matchinske
Nicole Berland – PhD – Spring 2023 – Dissertation: Watching the Watchers: Contemporary Television, Complex Seriality, and Media Literacy dir. Gregg Flaxman
Eric Bontempo – PhD – Spring 2023 – Dissertation: Reverent Romanticism: Anthologizing Romantic Poetry in Victorian Devotional Literature dir. Jeanne Moskal
Eleanor Griggs – PhD – Spring 2023 – Dissertation: Subterranean Knowledge in Medieval English Literature dir. Shayne Legassie
Kristján Hannesson – PhD – Spring 2023 – Dissertation: The Unfinished Renaissance: Staging Rupture in Early Modern Literature, Art and Architecture dir. Jessica Wolfe
Marcy Pedzwater – PhD – Spring 2023 – Dissertation: Patriarchival Violence: Patriarchy, Archives, and Violence in Post-Dictatorship Latin American and Latina Women’s Writing dir. Maria DeGuzman
Liz Shand—PhD – Spring 2023 – Dissertation: Defining the Industrial Book: Material Agencies and Print Cultures in Britain, 1814-1855 dir. Kim Stern

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