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For Kendrel Cabarrus, being an ECL major not only provided him with the fundamental skills he was looking for but also represented the best option in terms of diversity and flexibility in a job market that is ever changing.

“I decided to major in ECL because I saw the major as an opportunity to challenge my writing and critical thinking skills,” he says. “In my opinion, developing these skills is paramount because they can be applied to any discipline or profession.”

Kendrel’s studies in English also led him to an exciting internship opportunity taking place this summer as a participant in the University of Michigan’s Summer Enrichment Program, an 8-week program for undergraduate students committed to eliminating racial, ethnic and socioeconomic health disparities. The program itself explores healthcare policy and management and as a member of their 34th cohort, Kendrel will get the chance to design a project that addresses these issues within Detroit, Michigan.

“After completing UM SEP, I hope to have a clear understanding of the healthcare policy and management profession,” Kendrel explains when asked about the benefits of the internship. “I hope to leave the program even more inspired to help patients who face inequalities in healthcare.”

The chance to develop personal and professional relationships within the healthcare field is also a plus for Kendrel.

“I really look forward to connecting with other future healthcare leaders participating in the program,” he says.

What about advice for other students looking to find an internship in the humanities?

“I would advise them to have an open mind about their major and the opportunities that are available to them,” Kendrel says, “and encourage them to view their majors as a toolkit of fundamental skills, rather than an area of study.”

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