Taylor Cowdery


Greenlaw 440

Assistant Professor of English

I teach and study late medieval and early modern poetry, with a particular focus on how poets thought about materiality -- what they thought their poems were made of. My current book project investigates how shifting ideas of materiality index shifting uses of source materials in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century poetry. I'm also interested in the history of literary theory, the history of the book, queer theory, and the history of science.

Recent work, some of which can be found here, includes an article in Studies in the Age of Chaucer, "Hoccleve's Poetics of Matter" (2016); an essay on Humanism and reading practices in William Caxton's prologues and epilogues (2016), and a forthcoming essay on translation theory in fifteenth-century vernacular literary culture. I'm also working on a new edition of John Lydgate's prose biography of Julius Caesar, The Serpent of Division.

I will be speaking this fall at the Univeristy of Virginia, and at UC Berkeley in the spring.


Hire Date: 2016

Ph.D. Harvard University (2016)

Research Groups and Interests

Group II - English Literature from its beginnings to 1485
Group III - English Literature from 1485 to 1660 (including Milton)