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Writing in the Natural Sciences is a writing workshop course that introduces students to different types of scientific writing and research. Assignments vary from online discussion posts to lab reports, literature reviews, and oral presentations. Students will conduct a field study, write mock grant proposals, and analyze current scientific issues. They will learn how to frame questions, review data, and communicate with scientists in and beyond their fields.

In addition to writing and research skills, students can expect to learn:

  • Citation styles specific to scientific writing
  • How to simplify and improve the clarity of writing

Related Majors

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Environmental Sciences/Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Other Natural and Physical Science Majors
  • Students on a pre-health track can take this class, but may also want to look at Writing in Health and Medicine 

105i Spotlight: Sierra Parker

Sierra Parker is an environmental science major and marine science minor. She said that when she signed up for English 105i Natural Sciences, she was excited to take a writing class geared towards what she wanted to do. “It was [focused on] natural sciences, but also sustainability, which was really important to me,” Sierra said.

Sierra’s favorite day in class involved working with the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative to sort trash. Students collected garbage from the first floor of Davis Library, donned some hazmat suits, and dumped it into the Pit. “We just stood there and sorted it…into recycling, compost, [and] waste that shouldn’t have been created in the first-place pile,” said Sierra. They handed out flyers to passersby about recycling and sustainability, “which was really cool,” she added. After gathering data, students “compiled all of that information into a paper; we were pretty proud of that.”

Commenting on her experience in class, Sierra said, “it turned out so much better than I could have imagined.” “The ‘i’ classes are definitely great,” she said. Sierra advises incoming students to take the ENGL 105 class most suited to their interests so they can be engaged all semester. 

Sierra now uses skills she learned from ENGL 105i Natural Sciences as an undergraduate researcher at Gifford Lab in UNC’s Marine Sciences Department.