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Writing in Law allows students interested in pursuing careers in politics, law, and public service to gain experience and practice written and oral communication in the law. Students are expected to actively participate in analyzing legal cases, studying techniques of argumentation, and learning how to harness the persuasive power of language. Even though this course is centered around improving the communication skills of students, it can also serve students well as they progress to law school.

In addition to writing and speech skills, students can expect to:

  • Participate in oral argumentation within a group podcast that covers the legal issues of case briefs
  • Improve the necessary stages of professional development for those hoping to gain admittance into law school

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105i Spotlight: Caroline Carpenter

Caroline Carpenter, a double major in Public Policy and Economics, started her first-year at Carolina interested in pursuing political journalism. After her 105i Law course, she knew that she didn’t just want to report on politics, she also wanted to take part in political justice and was set on getting law experience. “I really wanted to get into writing in the law experience before deciding on whether I wanted to go to law school or not,” she says. ENGL 105i Law let her practice legal writing, a chance she says, “[that] you don’t really get…much as an undergrad.”

Not only did taking 105i Law teach Caroline law specific writing to help her start her legal journey, it also helped her to further opportunities. “I think taking the 105i Law class was actually really helpful in getting my first internship at the Department of Public Instruction. In my interview, they asked me a lot about [that class] and the experience I had with writing case briefs, which you probably would not get earlier on unless you are in an English 105i class.”

Wondering what English 105 class to take? Caroline has some advice. “If you read the course descriptions and whichever one draws you most, go for it. At the very least, you will have new experiences and skills that you would not have unless you took the course. I think [the 105i courses] can definitely benefit anyone.”