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Writing in Business focuses on business writing as a discourse community. This course explores the purposes and perspectives of business communication and how they shape the ways members of the community write. For example, a CEO’s letter to stockholders will exhibit different strategies than a mid-management letter outlining a new required policy to company employees. The course takes a “genre-based” approach, learning which genre is appropriate for each purpose and the expected conventions of that genre.  Different purposes and different audiences require different genres and strategies. This class examines business writing through three major units: employment messages, office and client messages, and proposal.

In addition to writing and composition skills, students can expect to:

  • Develop analytical thinking and reading skills
  • Develop skills to identify writing purpose, analyze an audience, and adopt effective rhetorical strategies and genres to meet identified goals
  • Develop clarity and conciseness in both written and oral communication
  • Become familiar with the discourse conventions of business communication and the appropriate genres and strategies to use for different purposes

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105i Spotlight: Shark Tank Group

Georgia Burkard, Caroline Coelho, Kevin Duong, Sargis Ivanav, and Brad Velardo all took ENGL 105i Writing in Business and agree it is one of the most useful classes they’ve taken at UNC. “It teaches you a lot of stuff as far as presentation skills and making organizing plans, working with a team in stressful situations,” Sargis said. “I think it just helps you become a professional with any career,” said Kevin.

The group learned to write resumes and cover letters and gained proficiency in skills like interviewing, sending emails, and giving and receiving feedback. “I thought it was just really helpful…when it came time applying to jobs, I pull out my 105i drive, just modify my cover letters, tweak my resumes as necessary,” Georgia said.

One skill the class emphasized was teamwork. This teamwork came in useful for their last project, a “Shark Tank” pitch. “It’s like a ‘Shark Tank’ presentation, so there are going to be judges. And we had an advisor, an MBA student, and he helped us prepare the presentation,” said Caroline. 

Their idea was “Uniboox,” a book exchange app for college students. Georgia said the project’s purpose was “learning how to work with a team.” “It was a fun way to end the semester,” she continued. The group felt so confident in Uniboox they believed it could work as an actual business.

ENGL 105i Writing in Business can help anyone wanting to improve their teamwork, communication, and other general professional skills. It’s a fun class with lessons applicable to real life. Take ENGL 105i Writing in Business to prepare yourself for your future!