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English 105i is a more specialized variant of the standard English 105 course. Both courses satisfy the Composition and Rhetoric (CR) Foundation requirement, and you are invited to take either course.

Underlying the course is the premise that members of the different communities have different ways of knowing and that these ways of knowing shape the ways members of the communities write. For example, an anthropologist and an English professor may examine the same text, but their interpretations of the text and their presentations of these interpretations to their peers may differ significantly. Assignments in these courses are coordinated so that students receive intensive training in communication within an academic discipline as they develop fundamental writing skills and practice oral communication. These sections are ideal for students who already have decided on a major.

To select the appropriate English 105i course, match your major with one of the broad disciplinary areas below.

Writing in Business
Writing in the Digital Humanities
Writing in Health and Medicine


Writing in the Humanities
Writing in Law
Writing in the Social Sciences


Writing in the Natural Sciences


If you have questions about English 105i or are not sure which area your intended major falls into, please check with advising or contact Dr. Hilary Lithgow, the advisor for English.