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English 105 is a writing-across-the-disciplines course. In this course you will analyze the rhetorical and stylistic conventions that govern professional and academic writing in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Studying and practicing the conventions of writing in different disciplines will help you become a more versatile writer, which in turn should help you in other college courses. You also will become more aware of how audience expectations and context influence your work and give it shape and direction. Students enrolled in English 105 will learn to:

  1. use conventions, genres, and rhetoric practiced in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities
  2. conduct research using a variety of academic databases and sources
  3. understand how to use research as evidence in discipline-specific compositions
  4. compose using written, oral, and multi-media modes
  5. review and revise your own work and assist others in revising their work


Notice to Incoming Students Planning to Enroll in ENGL 105 Composition and Rhetoric:

If you are unable to enroll in ENGL 105 immediately during your summer registration period, please follow the directions provided to you from the Office of Academic Advising. You may phone 919-962-HELP or look online at for further information about enrolling in classes if you need assistance. As instructed, The Writing Program office in the Department of English and Comparative Literature will refer all calls about registration for fall classes to the Office of Academic Advising.