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English 100 consists of three units to give students practice writing in a variety of contexts. English 100 is a workshop course, which means that you will participate in a small writing group. You will also be expected to share your work in progress with your classmates and will be responsible for reading and responding critically to the work of your group members.


Because reading skills are crucial for success in all courses at UNC, but especially helpful both when writing your own papers and responding to your peers’ papers, you may find it helpful to meet with staff and tutors from UNC’s Learning Center. Your teacher will discuss the Learning Center with you early in the semester, and a percentage of your final grade in English 100 may depend on your participation in the program.


You may also choose to visit the Writing Center at any time. Writing tutors are trained to work together with you to help develop your writing skills, and they can work with you both in person and online.