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Please take a moment to read posts by faculty and students reflecting on their experiences with Professor Coleman.


Misha Belikov on Randall Kenan

Randall only taught me one class of crea … Continued

Miki Turner on Randall Kenan

It’s nearly midnight in Los Angeles, Oct … Continued

Atinuke Akintola Diver on Randall Kenan

I would not be the person/writer/artist/ … Continued

M. Katherine Grimes on Randall Kenan

Randall Kenan spoke at Ferrum College’s … Continued

Matthew Pitt on Randall Kenan

I first met Randall at the Bread Loaf Wr … Continued

Melanie Huynh-Duc on Randall Kenan

Dr. Kenan was formative in my years as a … Continued

Brian Beckman on Randall Kenan

The man who taught me to trust the power … Continued

Erin Lodeesen on Randall Kenan

When I began my Ph.D. program eleven yea … Continued

UNC Press on Randall Kenan

Our hearts are heavy over the loss of Pr … Continued

Erin Beker on Randall Kenan

This is so sad. I had the honor of takin … Continued

Deborah P. Blanchard on Randall Kenan

I am overwhelmed with grief. This man wa … Continued

D. M. McLean on Randall Kenan

I remember being blown away when I read … Continued

Minrose Gwin on Randall Kenan

Randall Kenan’s passing has left a huge … Continued

Elisabeth Gilbert on Randall Kenan

There’s so much to say about Professor K … Continued

Kate Wheeler on Randall Kenan

I feel so lucky to have crossed paths wi … Continued

Rhea Jayaswal on Randall Kenan

The news about Professor Kenan is incred … Continued

Patricia Sawin on Randall Kenan

I grieve to share the tragic news of the … Continued

Emily Mae Krupa on Randall Kenan

It is difficult to find words to express … Continued

Jennifer Ho on Randall Kenan

There is a Randall Kenan sized hole in t … Continued

Shelley Bailey on Randall Kenan

When I was in undergrad at UNC, pursuing … Continued

Emily Grace Faw on Randall Kenan

Professor Kenan was a light in a school … Continued

Zachary Schwartz on Randall Kenan

What a professor. To be fair, he taught … Continued

Leslie Frost on James Coleman

Dr. James Coleman ripped apart the first … Continued

Linda Wagner-Martin on James Coleman

James Coleman seldom said No to grad stu … Continued

Isobel Gough on James Coleman

I am a student at the University of Manc … Continued

Laura Nelson on James Coleman

Last semester, my best friend Maria talk … Continued

Katharine Henry on James Coleman

“Race, Racism, and Gender in the Twentie … Continued

Geraldine Taylor on James Coleman

I would like to contribute a testimonial … Continued

Marc Cohen on James Coleman

James Coleman and I shared several class … Continued

GerShun Avilez on James Coleman

James Coleman was one of the kindest peo … Continued

Alisa Johnson on James Coleman

I did not have the opportunity to take m … Continued

Adam McKible on James Coleman

Dear James: Thank you for being such an … Continued

Marianne Gingher on James Coleman

James (Jim) Coleman has been my Greenlaw … Continued

Gena Chandler-Smith on James Coleman

Dear Dr. Coleman: I met you as a quiet, … Continued

Ruth Salvaggio on James Coleman

For James Coleman on His Retirement: Hav … Continued

Will Nash on James Coleman

To Jim Coleman, with Appreciation, on Hi … Continued

George Lensing on James Coleman

For James Coleman on His Retirement: How … Continued

Fred Hobson on James Coleman

For James Coleman on His Retirement: I g … Continued

María DeGuzmán on James Coleman

For James Coleman on His Retirement: Pro … Continued

Bill Andrews on James Coleman

For James Coleman on His Retirement: Whe … Continued

Minrose Gwin on James Coleman

For James Coleman on his Retirement: Pro … Continued

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