B.A., magna cum laude, Women’s Studies and English Language and Literature. University of Maryland, May 2013. Phi Beta Kappa.


Sarah Singer is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies. Drawing on her experiences as a patient and peer health educator, Sarah’s research focuses on chronic illness in the medical and public spheres. Sarah’s dissertation, “Rhetorics of Patient Empowerment: Leveraging Lyme Disease and the Future of Chronic Illness,” examines how different stakeholders adopt the language of patient empowerment to make claims about the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from Lyme Disease. For more information about her background and teaching philosophy, please see her personal website.


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Teaching Awards

  • Earl Hartsell Award for Excellence in Teaching Composition (2017)
  • Doris Betts Award for Excellence in Teaching Composition (2016)


  • Dean’s Graduate Fellowship (2018)
  • Frankel Dissertation Fellowship (2017)
  • Digital Innovation Research and Dissertation Fellowship (2017)
  • Eliason Summer Research Stipend (2014)