2007, BA, Davidson College

Laura Broom is currently working on her dissertation, which examines representations of trans identity in contemporary Anglophone novels.  She is also interested in body studies, particularly contested notions of gender, race, and personhood in literature and culture. Her teaching experience includes many composition courses, as well as literature classes focused on diversity, race, literary genres, and contemporary novels.  She is currently working on two pedagogy articles for publication, one on teaching trans texts and theories in the undergraduate classroom and the other on service-learning experiences at the university level.

Teaching Awards

  • Erika Lindemann Teaching Award in Composition and Literature, 2016
  • Earl Hartsell Award for Excellence in Teaching Composition, 2014


  • Provost’s Committee on LGBTQ Life Summer Research Funding, 2017
  • Food for All: Local and Global Perspectives Micro-Grant, 2017
  • Ruth Rose Richardson Award for Outstanding Scholarship, 2012

Curriculum Vitae / Resume