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Photo of Don Holmes


2014, BA English (Magna Cum Luade), University of Southern Mississippi


Don Holmes is a 5th year PhD student in English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research interests are in early African American literature, specifically the 18thand early 19thcenturies. His dissertation explores early black writers of their methods in critiquing and subverting systems of racial geographies (institutions of white supremacy). At Carolina, Don has taught English composition and currently teaches English 128: Major American Authors with a focus on lesser-known American women authors, including Lucy Terry, Phillis Wheatley, and Grace Paley. Don has taught English composition at North Carolina Central University and will return there this summer.


  • Holmes, Don. A “charitable institution”: University of North Carolina in the Era of the Civil War” in Persistence through Peril: Episodes of College Life and Academic Endurance in the Civil War South. Ronald Eric Platt and Holly Foster, General Editors. University Press of Mississippi, Spring 2021
  • Holmes, Don. “a clever fellow”: The Subversive Trickster in The Narrative of Lunsford Lane (forthcoming in North Carolina Literary Review)
  • Holmes, Don. “Silent Sam: Geographic Marker of Violence, Politics, and the Racialized.” Lift Institute,

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