Carlie Wetzel

April 9, 2018


2014, BA English, Colgate University


Carlie Wetzel studies British literature from the long nineteenth century, focusing on elegiac poetry.


  • Age and Mourning: Complicating Grief with John Clare’s Gravesite Poetry. (The Gravestone Project: Grave Notes, Issue 1, Winter 2016-17).
  • Beauty after Death: Heaven as Consolation in Beebe Eyre’s Miscellaneous Poems. (Literature and Belief, Forthcoming, Spring 2018).
  • Critical summary of The Life and Extraordinary Adventures, the Perils and Critical Escapes of Timothy Ginnadrake. (The Cambridge Guide to the Eighteenth-Century Novel1660-1820, Forthcoming, Fall 2018).

Curriculum Vitae / Resume