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Edward Hyunsoo Yang

April 23, 2018


2015, MA English, Claremont Graduate University

2012, BA English Literature and Political Science, Loyola Marymount University


Eddie is currently a PhD candidate and Teaching Fellow at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. A scholar of British literature of the long eighteenth century, he has particular interests in: authenticity, experimentation with literary form and genre, the Gothic, the history of the novel, influences of popular culture, the material book, and narrative performance.

His dissertation project, entitled Creating Enchantment: a History of the Gothic and Inspiring Interactive Reading, explores the history of intellectual influences on the Gothic, the creative possibilities that writers have found in the genre, and how these writers subsequently experimented with the genre to create a particular reading experience. Bringing together archival research, narrative theory, reader-response theory, and sociological history of reading practices in the long-eighteenth century, he hopes to produce a project that examines how authorial innovation, alongside history of the material book—its paratextual elements, decisions made by publishers, and popular readership—have mediated interactive reading experiences of the Gothic novel in the long eighteenth century.


Teaching Awards

  • Krista Turner Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2018.


  • English Teaching Assistant Award (Germany), The Fulbright Program, 2016-17.

Curriculum Vitae / Resume