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Morgan Souza

April 22, 2018


2014, MA English, Florida Gulf Coast University

2011, BA English, Florida Gulf Coast University


I’m a Ph.D. student in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at UNC Chapel Hill studying medieval and early modern literature. I’m specifically interested in early modern encyclopedias, epistemology, and the history of science. I’m also interested in insects, gastropods, gender and sexuality, power dynamics, amphibians and amphibiousness, fungi, and the confluence of natural philosophy/magic/religion.


  • Folger Shakespeare Library Grant-in aid, After the Great Instauration taught by Reid Barbour, 2018
  • Folger Shakespeare Library Grant-in aid, Introduction to English Paleography taught by Heather Wolfe, 2016
  • Folger Shakespeare Library Grant-in aid, Scale of Catastrophe taught by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, 2015

Jewell Thomas

April 14, 2018


2010, BA English, Washington University in St. Louis


At UNC-Chapel Hill, I study the development of Early Modern thought (roughly 1500 AD – 1700 AD) in England, France, and Italy with Reid Barbour and Jessica Wolfe. I combine traditional and computational research methods to try to understand how revolutionary changes in science and theology in this period were received and interpreted in the different national literary traditions.


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2017, PhD Merit Fellowship, UNC-Chapel Hill