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Photo of Margaret O'Shaughnessey, taken by Sarah Boyd

Teaching Professor

1989, PhD English, Duke University


Margaret O’Shaughnessey focuses on American Literature, specifically Native American Literature and American Environmental Literature.  She also teaches Writing in the Natural Sciences.


  • “Sherman Alexie’s Transformations of ‘Ten Little Indians.’”  Sherman Alexie:  An Anthology of Critical Essays.  Ed. Jeff Berglund. Provo:  University   of Utah Press, 2010.
  • “Painters and Paintings in Across the River and into the Trees.”  Hemingway’s Italy:  New Perspectives.  Ed. Rena Sanderson.  Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, Pp. 201-211.
  • “Edwin Austin Abbey’s Reinterpretation of the Grail Quest.”  Arthuriana, 4 (1994): 298-312.

Teaching Awards

  • APPLES Service-Learning Teaching Excellence Award, 2013



  • Ueltschi Service-Learning Grant ($10,000), March 2009


Courses Taught:

  • English 105i:  Writing in the Natural Sciences
  • English 129:  Native American Literature
  • English 266:  Science and Literature