Associate Professor

2011, PhD Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago


My scholarly work focuses on the history of film theory. My primary interests are the intersections of film, science and philosophy, as well as the place of the moving image within aesthetic theory. As a consequence, my work often explores interdisciplinary connections between film studies, history and theory of science, philosophy, art history, and literary studies. I have written on vitalist conceptions of life in German and French film theory and practice from the 1910s to the 1960s, as well as on Russian cinema, melodrama and contemporary cinema. My current project analyzes how mood, medium and milieu interact in European cinema.


    Courses Taught:

    • (CMPL 143) History of Global Cinema
    • (CMPL 240) Introduction to Film Theory
    • (CMPL 150) Fear, Love, Laughter and Loss–Film Genres and Spectatorship
    • (GERM 250/WGST 250) Women in German Cinema
    • (GERM 267/367) Contemporary German and Austrian Cinema
    • (GERM 266) Weimar Cinema
    • (GERM 880) rotating graduate seminars in film studies
    • (GSLL 69) First-Year Seminar: Laughing and Crying at the Movies

    Curriculum Vitae / Resume