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Photo of Candace Epps-Robertson, taken by Sarah Boyd

Associate Professor

PhD, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, Syracuse Universe

MA, English, Virginia Commonwealth University

BA, English & Religious Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University


Dr. Candace Epps-Robertson is a writer, researcher, and educator. She has twenty years of experience in a range of community and higher education settings supporting and leading efforts in community building, curriculum development, instructional design, professional development, and writing across the lifespan. Her research areas are in social justice, cultural rhetorics, literacy, and writing studies. She has a particular interest in research that supports culturally relevant pedagogies and thinking critically about how communities teach, practice, and understand what it means to be citizens locally and globally. Her current research and writing investigate fandom and popular music as a nexus for transcultural exchange.

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  • “Transcultural Fandom: BTS and ARMY.” Cambridge Companion to K-Pop. Ed. Suk-Young Kim. Cambridge, U Press (Under Contract) Book Chapter. Forthcoming, Winter 2022.

  • “Archiving with Everyday People: What Transcultural Fandom Can Teach Historians of Rhetoric.” Octalog IV: The Politics of Rhetorical Studies in 2021. With Allison Hitt, Jo Hsu, Aja Y. Martinez, Gabriela Raquel Ríos, Donnie Johnson Sackey, Ryan Skinnell, and Pamela VanHaitsma. Rhetoric Review, 40:4, 321-348.

  • Resisting Brown: Race, Literacy, and Citizenship in the Heart of Virginia. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018.

  •  “Writing with Your Family at the Kitchen Table: Balancing Home and Academic Communities.” Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, Vol 14, No 1, (2016), web.   “Teaching Must be Our Demonstration!:” Literacy, Citizenship, and Activism in the Prince Edward County Free School Association, 1963-1965.” Literacy in Composition Studies Journal 3.1: (2015): 82-92. Web. 15 March 2015. 


  • 2016 Theresa J. Enos Award for Best Article in Rhetoric Review
  • Scholars for the Dream Travel Award, Conference on College Composition and Communication, Louisville, KY, March 2010
  • 2019 Conference on Community Writing Book Award
  • 2020-2023 Jonathan M. Hess Term Professorship (UNC) 2019 Conference on Community Writing Book Award 2016 Theresa J. Enos Award for Best Article in Rhetoric Review

Courses Taught:

ENG 105i (Writing in the Humanities)

ENGL 116 (History of Writing)

ENGL 283 (Life Writing)

Curriculum Vitae / Resume