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Time and the Heavens in Regency Life with Chris Clemens

In this talk, astrophysicist Chris Clemens (UNC Chapel Hill) will describe the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar by England and the formation of the Royal Astronomical Society by William Herschel in 1820.

Libraries, Literature, and Learning | Carolina Data Science Now

The event will feature three lightning talks by professors and researchers in UNC-Chapel Hill’s academic community, centered around how data science is used to enhance research methodology and techniques in projects involving bibliographic data, literary texts, and virtual makerspaces. The … Read more

Critical World-Building with Tabletop Games

Greenlaw Gameroom, Room 316

Join the DLC and the Critical Gaming Initiative for a tabletop game session for undergraduates that centers issues of labor and critical world-building in play, led by Graham Culbertson, Steve Gotzler, David Hall, and Shane Peterson. We will be setting … Read more

PIT Journal Undergraduate “Works in Progress” Conference

Carolina Student Union, Room 3408

Sponsored by the People, Ideas, and Things Journal, the conference serves as a forum for ENGL 105 students following a research-intensive curriculum to share the projects that they have been working on for the semester, gaining valuable feedback from their … Read more

Honors Poetry Thesis Reading

Graham Memorial Chapel Hill

Our Honors Poetry Thesis reading will be held on April 4th in the main lounge of Graham Memorial from 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm. Please come out and support Caroline Brogden, Gina Flow, Chelsea Hignite, Cecil May, Mike O'Brien, Quinton Okoro, Aryani Pallerla, … Read more

Douglas Luman on Learning from Digital Debris

On Friday, April 7th at 1PM, digital human and professor of computer science Douglas Luman will lead a workshop based off on their project, Rationalism. "A computational mistranslation of mid-twentieth century Fascist architectural writing, Rationalism engages how fascist principles, long-since … Read more