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Nightmare on EROT Street - UNC English & Comparative Literature

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Nightmare on EROT Street

October 28, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

You are formally invited to Ebony Readers/Onyx Theater’s Fall Show: Nightmare on EROT Street this Thursday at 7 pm in the Stone Center TheaterJoin us as we venture to the darkest corners of the mind and explore fear and fantasy through slam poetry.

Ticket sales are live now! Tickets are on sale for $3. Bring a friend and buy 2 tickets for $5. Follow the link below to purchase your tickets NOW:

Be sure to follow Ebony Readers/Onyx Theater on Instagram at @erotpoetry for updates on future shows and events. We’ll see you there.


Ebony Readers/ Onyx Theater was founded under the Black Student Movement as a collective after the merger of Ebony Readers, a spoken word group, and Onyx Theater, a theater collective in 1979. The two groups formed what is now EROT as a safe space on UNC’s campus to provide a platform for students of color to write, perform and commune among those who have similar experiences as a minority at a Predominately White Institution. Although membership in EROT is not by any means limited to students of color, the organization was founded with the goal of ensuring the prioritization of black voices, black issues, and black experiences.