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Student Spotlight: Elliot Melfi

March 6, 2020

Meet Elliot Melfi, the Game Studies Specialist Intern for Digital Literacy as part of the new Greenlaw Gameroom Initiative!

Student Spotlight: Joi Dunston

January 17, 2020

Can the world of video games connect to the world of ECL? As Joi Dunston’s story demonstrates, a humanistic perspective can contribute quite a lot to the world of video games and eSports.

Student Spotlight: Sophia Purut

December 13, 2019

Meet Sophia Purut, this week’s undergraduate student spotlight! Sophia interned for W. W. Norton over the summer.

Student Spotlight: Tiffany Tran

September 20, 2019

Meet Tiffany Tran, this week’s undergraduate student spotlight! “Picking up the ECL minor helped me find new enjoyments while also improving skills that I believe are essential!”

Student Spotlight: Lydia Thompson

August 20, 2019

ECL is taking Lydia Thompson to the Happiest Place on Earth, other than Greenlaw Hall! Not only is Lydia a great student, one of the 2018-2019 “Top Ten Scholar Athletes,” but she is also now an intern at Walt Disney World!

Student Spotlight: Andreamarie Efthymiou

July 26, 2019

Andreamarie Efthymiou, an undergraduate who had originally placed herself on the pre-med track, quickly found herself more at home in the English and Comparative Literature Department than anywhere else.

Student Spotlight: Isabella St. Onge

July 19, 2019

Isabella St. Onge, a double ECL and theatre major, demonstrates the perfect example of one student finding a way to connect two seemingly disengaged topics for the benefit of both fields.

Student Spotlight: Chris Combemale

July 12, 2019

Chris Combemale, an ECL major who consistently works in the Department of Dramatic Art here on campus, discusses how his English studies have crossed disciplines to equip him with the fundamental skills he needs to succeed.

Student Spotlight: Emily Long

July 5, 2019

Emily Long, an English and Biology double major with a minor in Medicine, Literature and Culture, offers a look at how one student has combined the two fields of study that interest her most— STEM and literature.