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Andrew Carlberg

April 23, 2019

“I often say that my English degree has served me so much better than I could ever imagine in the entertainment industry, not just in terms of understanding story, but being able to communicate and process knowledge and how you decipher the world… I think one of the most valuable skills I have as a producer and what I try to do often is to be a spectacularly clear communicator. And I think that that’s what I was able to focus in on with my English degree and with those classes.”

Miguel Penabella

July 31, 2018

“The combination of insightful film courses and encouraging faculty provided me with the experience and support network to further my academic career at the graduate level. My work at UNC also prepared me to become a published essayist on films and video games.”

Vikram O. Kadiri

July 31, 2018

“The most significant part of my college experience was the opportunity to direct and produce a 50-min narrative film…the English & Comparative Literature department was the only place that gave me the freedom to pursue a Senior Honors Thesis in the form of a feature film…Although this experience gave me the opportunity to pursue a career in filmmaking, I chose instead to pursue a legal career, where my background and skill set have proven to be not only unique but crucial…In the legal field, the difference between a lawyer who merely makes his case and a lawyer who can craft a story for the jury is remarkable. In my experience, the jury has always sided with the latter.”