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PhD Student at UC Santa Barbara

Class of 2015

“Studying film at UNC both sharpened my skills as a critical thinker and motivated my decision to pursue a MA/PhD career path at UC Santa Barbara. Film analysis and global cinema courses familiarized me with the basic language of film and allowed me to hone the necessary analytical skills to write papers in film history, film theory, and critical theory. Plentiful electives including courses on surrealism and cinema, the Western, Gothic horror, and the films of Alfred Hitchcock introduced me to diverse perspectives and theoretical writings. Moreover, various screening series in conjunction with the Ackland Art Museum offered opportunity to engage with film culture alongside the broader public of Chapel Hill. These experiences and courses informed my honors thesis, which enriched my critical writing skills and ability to engage in rigorous theories, ultimately earning the distinction of Highest Honors. The combination of insightful film courses and encouraging faculty provided me with the experience and support network to further my academic career at the graduate level. My work at UNC also prepared me to become a published essayist on films and video games.”