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Environmental Lawyer

Class 2010

“I enjoyed every second of my time as an English major at UNC Chapel Hill! I have loved to read and write ever since I was little, and I relished the opportunity to do this at a much higher level in college. It was a time of unparalleled access to incredible professors who imparted their knowledge about a text and its author from years of study, and encouraged us to really engage with that text to understand its meaning. It was also a time to develop essential research, critical analysis, and communication (particularly persuasive writing) skills. As a practicing attorney, the skills that I honed while taking classes within UNC’s English Department have proven highly beneficial. In my job, I have to research and analyze applicable law and various documents, ultimately communicating my findings and making arguments on behalf of my clients. Those are skills which have their foundation in my college years and the classes I took with UNC’s English Department.”