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Membership Manager, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

Class of 1989

“My twenty-seven year career as a marketing and public relations professional has been grounded in what I learned as an English major at UNC Chapel Hill: to rigorously analyze texts, situations, and marketing challenges; to think and plan strategically; and to articulate a message eloquently. In my personal life, my passion for the last twenty-five years has been to fight for the civil rights of LGBT Americans as an LGBT activist. In this role, I have written op eds for media outlets, managed media relations for direct action social justice organizations, and served as spokesperson for LGBT causes. All of my activism is based on what I learned as an English major: how to make a compelling case, anticipate objections, and craft compelling rebuttals. On a personal note, I will forever be grateful to my professors in the English department, specifically Dr. Reid Barbour, Dr. Joy Kasson, and Dr. Jeanne Moskal. During the late 1980s, I was navigating a difficult path coming out of the closet at a deeply conservative moment in American life. Not only did they stimulate and challenge me intellectually. More importantly, they accepted me unconditionally—a great gift, which means more than I can put into words.”