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Congratulations to the seniors who completed a Senior Honors Thesis! These honors students took a year-long class culminating in the writing of a Senior Honors Thesis. For ECL, these theses are typically 35-80 pages of original research on a topic of the student’s choosing. Creative Writing Thesis students compose a minimum of 75 pages of original fiction or creative non-fiction or a thousand lines of original poetry.

Congratulations to all our Honors Thesis students:


English and Comparative Literature:

Aubrey Martin

Eli Dietrich

Abigail Welch

Grace Villanueva

Logan Parks

Selena Hernandez

Olivia Askew

Bradley Sadowsky

Jeffery Mcclure

Sheena Meng

Georgia Chapman

Abigail Gillespie

Madeleine Hepting



Elizabeth Belter

Lila Davidson

Beni Kroll

Raina Lee

Amelia Loeffler

Ashley McGuire

Kieran Murphy

Blaine Purcell

Marleigh Purgar-Mcdonald

Oddesciey Rone

Amery Smith

Renna Voss


Creative Non-fiction:

Kate Stukenborg

Anna Marie Switzer

Patrick Hunter

Hannah Collett

Meredith Whitley

Rachel Donnan

Isabella Reilly

Valerie Calvo

Jenna Gartland

Ryn Howell

Ciara Renaud

Annie Vedder



Sam Dietrich

Margaret Dunn

Eleanor Ellis

Grace Nieters

Paula Omokhomion

Delaney Phelps

Samuel Ramirez

Kelly Ray

Valerie Ruppert 

Isabella Ukariwo

Ayah Wahab

Claire Warr

Jacob Wilson


Other creative writing:

Sofia Oumhani

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