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Congratulations to the Senior Honors Fiction Thesis students graduating this semester! This semester’s course was taught by Prof. Karen Tucker.
On Monday 4/17 and Tuesday 4/18, from 6-7pm, the ten Senior Honors students in fiction will read selections from their thesis manuscripts in Graham Memorial.

Monday’s readers are:

Simon Palmore
Sa’Tia Brown
Tiosa Iyamu
Susan Jones
Jay Moran
Tuesday’s readers are:
Aryan Rai
Ian Washabaugh

Maggie Hall

Jessica Jones

Molly James







Sa’Tia Brown is an Air Force brat who has found a home in the UNC English Department. Creative writing is one of her favorite ways to work out the tangles in her head. In her free time, she enjoys video essays and listening to music.


Margaret Hall is a senior English and Classics double major from Raleigh. She writes the things that infest her mind, mostly art, mental health, and the formation of identity.


Tiosa Iyamu is a Psychology major and creative writing minor interested in exploring their own identity through writing. They decided to write short story fiction as a break from writing poetry, though both are near and dear to their heart. In the future Tiosa hopes to keep writing forever, as it is the only thing they’re really good at.


Molly James is a writer from Raleigh majoring in English with minors in Philosophy and Folklore. She is a fan of carnivorous plants, syncopated bass lines, and above all, short fiction.


Jessica Jones is an English and psychology major from Fayetteville, North Carolina. She enjoys writing about love, betrayal, and real people in unreal scenarios.


Susan Jones is a senior graduating in English and Comparative Literature. Her thesis confronts the complexities of modern womanhood through lenses such as grief, love, family, and sexuality. She hopes to continue pursuing her characters as long as they continue to let her.


Jay Moran is a senior studying Psychology and Creative Writing, and headed to law school in August. For him, writing is an expression and medium for radical joy and love.


Simon Palmore is a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studies history, Spanish literature, and creative writing. Having grown up in Washington, DC, he is lucky to have found a home in the South. He writes about memory, class, and community, and in addition to writing fiction, he dedicates his time to local politics and community building.


Aryan Rai is a Biology and Neuroscience double major with a minor in Creative Writing from Charlotte, NC. As a child, he enjoyed spending time thinking about fictional worlds and the possibilities they offered. During his sophomore year of college, he began writing as a hobby, and after taking an introductory fiction writing course, he continued through the fiction writing course sequence, a journey that has allowed him to improve his storytelling skills and has inspired him to continue writing as a hobby no matter what his future holds.


Ian Washabaugh is a senior from Cary studying Computer Science. Throughout college he has learned to write both code and fiction, although cannot decide which of these he finds to be more challenging.  He has written about amateur tattoos, basement monsters, spooky cats, and other strange things that pique his interest.

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