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Congratulations to the Digital Literacy and Communications (DLC) Lab’s s Critical Game Studies Initiative: the Greenlaw Gameroom was recently featured by CBS 17 News in Raleigh! Check out the video segment and article here.

Prof. Steven Gotzler’s class plays games in groups in this still from CBS17’s video segment.


The Greenlaw Gameroom (Greenlaw, Room 316) is a classroom space that was launched in early 2020 for gaming-based pedagogy. The space is equipped with large-screen televisions, PlayStation 4s, Nintendo Switches, and gaming towers. The furniture and equipment in the Gameroom were in part funded by a Lenovo Instructional Innovation Grant

Last year, Dr. Courtney Rivard (DLC Director) also received a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to start the Critical Game Studies Initiative. The initiative “centers humanistic inquiry in the study and teaching of games by cultivating a community of instructors, fostering innovative research, and providing resources…With its attention to rhetoric, literature, and film the Department of English & Comparative Literature serves as a hub for the initiative. This new endeavor leverages the department’s expertise to furnish a critical perspective on games and culture as well as create an environment for exploring alternate play practices that embrace difference.”

The Greenlaw Gameroom has served over a thousand students and has held many gaming events, including invited lectures from gaming scholars, pedagogy workshops, and a Critical Smash Tournament.

In Fall 2023, the Greenlaw Gameroom will host classes such as ENGL 257: Video Games and Narrative Cinema taught by Prof. Steven Gotzler (MW 3:35pm-4:25pm; F Recitation), and ENGL 113: Introduction to Critical Game Studies taught by Graham Culbertson (T/Th 11:15am-12:15pm).

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