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Congratulations to the Gram-O-Rama team for another year of hard work and for an incredible show!

The theme for this year’s Gram-O-Rama performance was titled “Past the Participle of No Return,” and was full of colorful linguistic hijinks. The Gram-O-Rama cast performed two shows this year on November 29th and December 3rd.

Gram-O-Rama was initially created for students who love word play, music, rhythm, sketch comedy, performance, nonsense, and the circusy possibilities of language. Longtime faculty member Daphne Athas designed this course (based on her book by the same name) to encourage writers to experiment with grammatical functions, style, rhythm, and sound. At the end of the course, students perform a show based on their work throughout the semester.

This year’s featured performers include Mathew Atisa, Lydia Boshart, Alyson Cabeza, Mattie Collins, Spencer Cruz, Tori Danielik, Lauren Flors, Bradlei Griffin, Cassandra Kutay, Christopher Lipscomb, Hayley Minter, Jake Morgan, Danielle Richmond, Zinny Ubezonu, and Tyson Weeks.

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